327 – Gin Reviews


Gin reviews are a big part of SummerFruitCup.
Here is a list of the Gin’s we have reviewed so far, just click on the name to go to the page.
1211 Gin
3 Corners Gin
6 O’Clock Gin (London)
7 Dials Gin
No:209 Gin (USA) – California
No:3 Gin 
Adler Berlin Gin (Germany)
Adnam’s Copper House
Adnam’s Frist Rate
Albertson Gin (Spain)
Alembics 13yr Old Aged Gin – Caribbean Cask
Altia Gin (Finland)
Aria Gin (USA) – Oregon
Asda London Dry Gin
Aviation Gin (USA) – Oregon
Barr Hill (USA) – Vermont
Bartenders Dry Gin (Romania)
Bathtub Gin (England)
Bathtub Navy Strength
Bathtub Navy Aged
Batshit Mental Negroni-Aged Bathtub Gin
Batshit Mental Bitters-Aged Bathtub Gin
Beckett’s (London)
Bedrock Gin (England)
Beefeater UK (40% ABV) (London)
Beefeater US (47% ABV) (London)
Beefeater 24 (London)
Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve (London)
Beefeater Crown Jewel (London)
Beefeater Wet (London)
Beefeater London Garden (London)
Beefeater London Market (London)
Beefeater Summer (London)
Beefeater Winter (London)
Bellewood Gin (Washington, USA)
Berkeley Square (England)
Big Ben Gin (India)
Blackwater (Ireland)
Blackwater Juniper Cask (Ireland)
Black Death
Blackwoods (Scotland)
Blade (Rusty) – Aged – (USA) – California
Blanc Gin
Bloom (England)
Boe (Scotland)
Bombay Dry
Bombay Amber
Bombay Sapphire
Bombay Sapphire Export (47%)
Bombay Sapphire Distillery Laverstoke Mill Edition (49%)
Bombay Sapphire EAST (England)
Bombay Sapphire’s – Star of Bombay
Boodles Gin (UK)
Boodles Gin (40%ABV)
Boord’s (USA)
Botanicals (UK)
Botanist Gin (Scotland)
Both’s Old Tom Gin
Brandon’s Gin (USA) – Arkansas
Brecon Gin
Breukelin Aged (Summer)
Breukelin Aged (Winter)
Brokers 40 (UK)
Bulldog Gin (UK)
Bummer & Lazarus (USA) – California
Butlers Gin
Cadenhead Classic (Scotland)
Caoruun (Scotland)
Cardinal Gin (USA) – North Carolina
Chancery London Dry Gin
Chase Original Gin (England)
Chase Great British Gin (England)
Chase Seville Orange Gin (England)
Chase Single Botanical Juniper Gin (England)
Chilgrove Gin (London)
Cittadele Reserve (2008) (France)
Cittadele Reserve (2010) (France)
Cocoa Gin (Hotel Chocolat)
Cold River Gin (USA) – Maine
Comb9 (USA) – New York State
C.O.L.D. GinC.O.L.D. Square Mile Gin
Copperworks Gin (USA) – Washington
Cork Dry Gin (Ireland)
Cork Crimson Gin (Ireland)
Corsair American Gin (USA) – Kentucky
Corsair Aged Gin
Cotswolds Gin (UK)
Cremorne Gin (UK)
Crossbill Gin (Scotland)
Dà Mhìle (Wales)
Dà Mhìle Seaweed Gin (Wales)
Darnley’s View Original (London)
Darnley’s View Spiced (London)
Death’s Door (’09) (USA) – Wisconsin
Dead Governor’s Gin (Australia)
Diner’s Club Gin (UK)
Dingle Gin (Ireland)
Dog Fish Jin (USA) – Delaware
Dog’s Nose Gin (London)
Dodd’s Gin (London)
Dorchester Old Tom Gin
Downslope Ould Tom Gin
Dry Fly (USA) – Washington State
Ebb + Flow Gin
Edgerton Pink (London)
Edinburgh Gin (Scotland)
Elemental (Cornwall, UK)
Elephant Gin (Germany)
Ethereal #4 (USA)
Farmer’s Gin (USA)
FEW American Gin
FEW Standard Issue (Navy Strength)
FEW Aged Gin
Filliers Dry 28
Filliers Barrel-Aged
Filliers Tangerine Gin
Finsbury Platinum (UK)
Finsbury 60%
Ford’s (UK)
Four Pillars Original (Australia) 
Four Pillars Gunpowder Strength (Australia) 
Four Pillars Aged (Australia)
Foxdenton Gin (London)
Flora St. Gin (England)
Gale Force Gin (USA) – Massachusetts
Genius Gin (USA) – Texas
Genius Gin Navy (USA) – Texas
Geranium Gin 55% (UK)
Gilbeys (UK)
Gilpin’s Westmorland Extra Dry Gin (London)
GILT Single Malt Scottish Gin (Scotland)
Gin Mare (Spain)
Ginebra San Miguel (Philippines)
GinSelf Gin
Gloc Gin (Spain)
Goa (London)
Goldencock Gin (Norway)
Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber (UK)
Gordon’s with a Spot of Elderflower (UK)
Great Southern Dry Gin (Australia)
Great Southern Ginnifer Golden Gin (Australia)
Greencock Bristol Dry Gin (UK)
GreenHat Gin (USA) – Washington D.C.
Greenhook Gin (USA)
Greyling Gin
Griffon Gin – Washington (USA)
Gun Club Gin (USA) – Seattle, Washington
G’Vine Flouraison (France)
Hammer Gin (Norway)
Hayman’s London Dry Gin (England)
Hayman’s 1850 Reserve Gin (England)
Hayman’s Old Tom Gin
Hammer & Sons Old English Gin
Hedgetrimer Gin (USA) – Seattle, Washington
Hendricks (40%ABV)
Hendricks Export (44%ABV)
Hereford Gin (England)
Herno Swedish Excellence Gin (Sweden)
Herno Navy Strength Gin (Sweden)
Herno Juniper Cask (Sweden)
Heston Blumenthal’s Lemon & Earl Grey Gin
Hoxton (France)
Hunters Gin (UK)
Hven (Sweden)
Iceberg Gin (Canada)
Ish (London)
Ish Limed
Jackelope Gin (USA) – Colorado
Jodhpur Gin
Joséphine Gin (France)
Jensen’s Old Tom Gin (London)
Junipero Gin (USA) – California
Kangaroo Island Spirits – Wild Gin (Australia)
Karner Blue (USA) – New Hampshire
Knickerbocker Gin (USA) – Michigan
Knockeen Hills Elderflower Gin – 47.3% (London)
Knockeen Hills Elderflower Gin – 43% (London)
Knockeen Hills Heather Gin (London)
Lakes Distillery Gin
Langley #8
Larios Indigo Gin
Larks Tasmanian Godfather Gin (AU)
Larry’s Gin Pink (Finland)
Larry’s Gin Yellow Vintage (Finland)
Lebensstern Dry Gin (Austria)
Lebensstern Pink Gin (Austria/Germany)
Leopolds Gin (USA)
Leopold’s Navy Strength Gin
Limbrey’s Gin (London)
Liverpool Gin (UK)
London NoOne Blue Gin (UK)
Lord Daresbury’s Quintessessntial Gin
Lubuski (Poland)
Lubuski Lime (Poland)
Makar Glasgow Gin (Scotland)
Martin Millers (40%ABV)
Masons Gin
Master of Malt Old Tom Gin
Master of Malt Cask Gin
Master of Malt Cream Gin
Master’s Gin (Spain)
Marks & Spencer Value Gin (UK)
Mayfair Gin (UK)
Melbourne Gin Co. Gin (Australia)
Mombasa Club Gin
Moore’s Gin (Australia)
Morrison’s Value Gin (UK)
Myer Farm Gin
Myrtle Gin (Aged 10 Years)
Navy Strength Gin (Six Varieties) – (3 UK / 3 USA)
Nevada Gin (USA)
Nolet’s Silver Gin
Nolet’s Reserve Gin
North Berwick Gin (Scotland)
Number Zero (Spain)
Old Raj Red (Scotland)
Old Raj Blue (Scotland)
Oliver Twist Gin (London)
One Key Gin (Slovenia)
Ophir Gin
Origin Albania (Juniper)
Origin Albania (Full)
Origin Bulgaria (Juniper)
Origin Bulgaria (Full)
Origin Italy (Juniper)
Origin Italy (Full)
Origin Netherlands (Juniper)
Origin Netherlands (Full)
Origin Kosovo (Juniper)
Origin Kosovo (Full)
Origin Croatia (Juniper)
Origin Croatia (Full)
Origin Macedonia (Juniper)
Origin Macedonia (Full)
One Key Gin (Slovenia)
Palmbridge Gin (Spain)
Perivale Gin (London)
Perry’s Tot (Navy Strength Gin)
Pickering’s Gin (Scotland)
Pierde Almas Mezcal +9 Botanicals Gin (Mexico)
Pinckney Bend (USA) – Missouri
Pinkster Gin
Plymouth Navy Strength
Plymstock Gin (England)
Polo Club (UK)
Port of Dragons Gin 100% PURE (Spain)
Port of Dragons Gin 100% FLORAL (Spain)
Portobello Star Gin (London)
Quintessential (England)
Ransom “Old Tom” Gin (USA) – Oregon
Rehorst Gin (USA) – Wisconsin
Richmond London Dry Gin (UK)
River Rose Gin
Roundhouse Imperial
Royal Dock Navy Strength
Rudolf Jelinek Czech Dry Gin (Czech Rep.)
Sainsbury Value Gin (UK)
Sainsbury London Dry Gin (UK)
St. Georges’ Dry Rye Gin (USA) – California
Savier Artisan Gin
Savier Juniper Gin
Sacred Gin
Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin (London)
Seagram’s Extra Dry [Ancient Gin] (USA) –  Indiana
Seagram’s Distillers Reserve (USA) –  Indiana
Seagram’s Twisted Apple (USA)
Seagram’s Twisted Grape (USA)
Seagram’s Twisted Lime (USA)
Seagram’s Twisted Orange (USA)
Seagram’s Twisted Pineapple (USA)
Seagram’s Twisted Raspberry (USA)
Secret Treasure’s Old Tom Gin
Shetland Reel Gin (Scotland)
Sheriton Dry Gin (Spain)
Sibling Gin (uk)
Sipsmith Gin (London)
Sipsmith VJOP#2 (London)
Sipsmith VJOP – 57.7% (London)
Sloane’s Dry Gin (Netherlands)
Small’s Gin (USA) – Oregon
Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin
Smooth Ambler Aged
Sound Spirits Old Tom Gin
South Gin (New Zealand)
Southern Gin (USA) – Georgia
Spectator Gin
Spirit Works Gin (USA) – California
Spring 44 Old Tom Gin
Strane Gin Uncut (Sweden)
Studer Gin (Switzerland)
Sylvius Gin
Tanqueray 43.1%ABV
Tanqueray No:10
Tanqueray Malacca (UK)
Tanqueray Rangpur (UK)
Tarquin’s Dry Gin – (Cornwall, UK)
Tarno Gin – (Sweden)
Tesco Value Gin  (UK)
Testbed #1
Testbed #2
Testbed #3
Testbed #4
The Duke Munich Gin
Tower Hill (Italy)
Twisted Nose Gin – UK (Winchester)
Uganda Waragi (Uganda)
Veresk Gin (Russia)
Vikings Gin (Latvia)
Vilnius Gin (Lithuania)
VL92 (Netherlands)
Waitrose Molasses (UK)
Waitrose Grain (UK)
Waitrose Value 2012 (UK)
Warner-Edwards Gin (UK)
Waterloo Gin (USA) – Texas
Watershed Gin (USA) – Virginia
West Winds Cutlass (Australia)
West Winds Sabre (Australia)
Wray & Nephew Old Tom Gin (Jamaica)
Worm Gin (English Garden Worm Gin)
Xoriguer Mahon Gin
Yahara Bay (USA) – Wisconsin
Zuidam Dry
327 (1st November 2015)
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10 thoughts on “327 – Gin Reviews

  1. Where’s Brockmans gin? Amazingly smooth with an aftertaste of oranges. Best drunk on its own over ice or with a very good Tonic. I can imagine it would go well with elderflower presse as well.

  2. Pingback: Gin Tasting – Premium Gins « The Boo Lion

  3. Hey friend – I recommend testing and tasting Monkey 47. It’s even better than Hendricks, but very hard to get. In Germany it counts amongst the best Gins available.

  4. Thanks a lot for the reviews! I am not an expert but definitely a gin fan, and your blog helps me understand & try more. I recently saw on German amazon and in Italian shops so many different gins that could be added to your future review collection: Monkey 47; The Bitter Truth Pink Gin; Mombasa Club Premium Gin; Botanic Premium London Dry Gin; Geranium Premium London Dry Gin; Arctic Velvet Premium Gin; No. 209 Gin. I wonder if you have already tried them.

  5. Another worth trying is “Victoria Gin” out of British Columbia, Canada. My wife brought me a bottle back from a trip to Canada and it was very solid.

  6. When I was at The Feather’s Hotel Gin Bar, I had ‘Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Old Tom Gin’. It was superb. I notice you reviewed ‘Professor Cornelius Bathtub Gin’, but do add this one to your list!

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