Cocktails with… Dead Governor’s Gin

Today’s gin is made by Great Northern Distillery in Middle Swan, Western Australia, which is primarily a rum distillery. Their website suggests that their gin recipe comes from a scribbled note on the back of an old family birth certificate. Released on 29th May 2014, the gin is bottled at 37.1% ABV and, as such, it cannot legally be sold as a “gin” in the European Union or United States (where there are minimum strengths of 37.5% ABV and 40.0% ABV, respectively).


The Taste

On its own
Nose: Pine and spice. Light, but with a depth that is initially hidden.
Taste: This has a notably full mouthfeel: plump and interesting. The flavour profile is light, but the flavours build: there is coriander upfront, as well as some creamy vanilla and a touch of spice, followed by a dry finish.

Gin & Tonic
Quite light, but, with plenty of lemon and ice, this makes a refreshing drink. Nonetheless, I would have liked a little more of the gin’s character to come through.

Very clean and vodka-like, this cocktail is a little lacking in complexity and flavour, making it a tad disappointing. It is a pleasant drink, but not a great Gin Martini.

Fresh, leafy, and crisp, with plenty of sweetness from the vermouth and bitterness from the Campari. This is a lighter-than-usual Negroni, which would make it a perfect example for beginners to the drink.

In Conclusion
Dead Governors Gin is a lighter option, both in terms of flavour intensity and ABV. I liked the Negroni and the spirit itself had a good mouthfeel, although it lacks the complexity to be sipped alone.

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partial to a martini? to a smoke-hazed gin joint & a perfect tipple poured with the style, swank & skill of a true aficionado? …then pull up your stool to the bar, prepare to stock up your cocktail cabinet & get ready to drink it all in as we introduce you to a stitch in times’ resident barman… David T. Smith is a drinks enthusiast currently residing in the U.K. a long-time fan of tasting & exploring various types of alcohol, he has a fascination for vintage spirits and cocktails, in particular their heritage & origins; this was strengthened last year when he presented a talk and accompanying monograph on the Martini. it was as a result of his research of this topic that he was introduced to drinks paraphernalia, & he is now the happy owner of a colourful collection of bottles, books, and gadgets from a wide range of eras… an avid believer in the validity and variety of personal opinion, particularly in the subjective area of tasting, he enjoys hosting tasting sessions for friends, constantly challenging them to find their own favourite tipple. in addition to all of this, he is also interested in economics, three-piece suits, board games & keeping alive the art of engaging in enjoyable conversation with a good glass of port whilst surrounded by pipe smoke… Thanks to Analiebe for writing this rather flattering blurb for me.

1 thought on “Cocktails with… Dead Governor’s Gin

  1. Dear David,
    I am always looking out for new Gins to try and have a healthy list of ones to find and get…including Dead Governor’s. However, from a personal perspective I was disappointed to hear this is a relatively mild version but one can’t have everything and it would be boring if we all liked the same things. However, this sounds as if it is a good entry level Gin for vodka drinkers etc. and anything that brings more people to Gin has to be good thing, surely!
    Kind regards, David.

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