Cocktails with… Hereford Finest Dry Gin

I first heard about Hereford Gin when it was mentioned by a chap on World Gin Day. Following a short conversation with the folks at Tanners, I was fortunate enough to find a bottle in my possession.Today, Hereford Finest Dry Gin is made for and distributed exclusively by Tanner’s Wine & Spirits Merchants, but originally it was made by Pulling & Co Ltd. of St Peter’s Square in the city. It was first produced in 1813 and they use the same recipe today as they did in the 19th Century.I’ve had quite a positive response to last week’s Seasonal Cocktails with Rigg’s Shrub, so I thought that I’d try a similar method with Hereford Gin.
nose: fresh sharp juniper coriander and lemon, rather typical of a London Dry.
taste: Sweet initially with some liquorice and then the dyer juniper notes make themselves known, a warm citrus finish.
Hot Toddy
This was very warming; the flavour of the gin came through well. The lemon and honey provided balance and gave the drink a slightly refreshing and very comforting feel.

French ‘75
A great way to celebrate the New Year, crisp and vibrant the citrus in the gin is brought out by the lemon juice and the dryness of the gin and the Dry Champagne match up well, the sugar and bitters bring the drink together and add balances stopping it from being too dry.

Gin Julep
May is the month of the Kentucky Derby and although the usually Mint Julep uses Bourbon Whiskey I made a little alteration by using gin instead. A drink that is quite simple and so allows the character of the gin to be felt, very refreshing and the mint and sugar brings out some of the more herbal elements of the gin.

Elderflower Collins
Cool and refreshing. Just like a usual Gin Collins, this is a superb way to quench your thirst, but with an added floral twist from the elderflower, which gives it a touch of added complexity and a hint of the season.



Gin & Tonic
Fresh, dry and slightly bitter. A very good standard for a Gin & Tonic, in my opinion; fine and refreshing, and one of the best ways to cool down late on a hot, summer afternoon.

Fruit Cup
Lovely the gin works well with the fruity flavours and when looking for an alternative to a gin and tonic for a summer thirst quenchers this would easily be my choice.

Gin Old Fashioned
Sweet initially, with a complexity of flavour that comes from the gin and the bitters. There was a strong flavour of juniper and some coriander, as well as some warm spice from the angostura bitters.


Cool and very crisp will a touch of vanilla creating a lift half way through. A very enduring and invigorating flavour with a very long finish. Strong juniper and citrus, strong and memorable, superb.



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