Cocktails with… Finsbury Platinum Gin

Finsbury Platinum Gin is distilled using a recipe from the Finsbury Distilling Company, which, back in the 18th and 19th Centuries, was one of the prestigious distilleries in the City of London. The distillery closed decades ago and, since then, Finsbury Gin has been made at a variety of other distilleries across the country; currently, it is produced at Langley by Alcohols.

There are currently three gins is the Finsbury range:
> Finsbury London Dry Gin – 37.5%
> Finsbury London Dry Gin – 60%
> Finsbury Platinum – 47%

It is the last of these, Finsbury Platinum, which is of interest today. This bottled at 47% ABV and in 2010 the IWSC awarded it a silver medal.

nose: juniper, earthy herbal notes and some sweet spicy hints
taste: q rich oily texture, quite smooth with a slight peppery warmth. A good range of the Classic Gin characteristics, dry, sappy pine juniper, spicy cirtrus of coriander as well as some more succulent, jucier citrus notes. Very good indeed.

Very, very smooth, soft and delicate. To be honest, it’s excellent: it slips down easily, but both the vermouth and gin come through well, with the gin’s character, which is mostly juniper, coriander and angelica, being very evident.

Gin & Tonic
Very good, with a big, fat flavour of juniper and coriander, alongside some juicy citrus notes. Traditional, but with a bolder flavour profile and a more refreshing taste. Very good, indeed.

Slightly delicate and soft, and silky smooth. In addition to the dry juniper, some vanilla notes also came through. This a more mellow Negoni than many others and a good use for the gin.

Pink Gin
Rather classic: there’s a certain dignified strength to it and it’s a very classic Pink Gin. A good choice for when you want something easy to enjoy on the rocks.

Gin Collins
This gin makes quite a crisp and clean Collins that doesn’t taste too alcoholic. Quite laid back and refreshing, as well as being tasty.

Very nice, very cold, very strong. The gin (juniper, citrus and coriander) came through more strongly than a version made with Gordon’s, with an additional ginger & nutty element. Less smooth than a “Classic Vesper”, but I think that this has more character. It’s horses for courses.

White Lady
A very well-balanced and crisp White Lady; simply superb. One of the best I’ve had.

In Conclusion
This has been an enjoyable review to write and I have been very impressed by Finsbury Platinum, so much in fact that I tried it in a blind-tasting against my long-time favourite gin, Boodles; it was very surprising how little there was between the two and I can safely say that they are both superb gins and some of the best available.

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