Cocktails with… Indigo Gin – Larios Private Reserve

I have a gin wishlist and when I get a chance to try a spirit off of it, it’s always quite exciting. One gin that had been on the list for a while was Larios Indigo – Private Reserve Gin. This used to be the premium version of the Spanish stalwart and was the predecessor to Larios 12.

Indigo Gin by Larios was released in 2005? for the US market as an upmarket, imported Spanish gin.

The name traces its way back to Martin Larios (later Marquis of Larios) who, thanks to his great skill in the art of gin distilling, was appointed as distiller to the Court of Spain in 1865. In this role, he would put aside the finest batches of spirit that he made, marking each with a splash of indigo ink. Inspired by this historic indication of quality, Indigo Gin by Larios was created. It is bottled at 47.3%, like Tanqueray Export, and just right for an American Martini.

Nose: Citrus (lemon & orange) and juniper.
Taste: Citrus, with a big orange flavour, some sweetness and a slight copper taint. As time goes by, some juniper emerges, but the orange remains dominant. A little pepper appears towards the end, but, overall, the spirit is still slightly reminiscent of Triple Sec.

Gin & Tonic
This drink had lots of sweet citrus, rather like a Gin & Tonic with added Triple Sec. There was some dryness, as well as a sweet, creamy vanilla note. The finish had a slight saltiness and a hint of grapefruit.

A well-rounded, full-bodied Martini with some oily citrus in the form of orange and coriander, whilst also having a slight salty edge. (As such, I think it may work well with an olive or a touch of brine). Quite classic in style and quite close to Beefeater.

In Conclusion
Indigo seems to be reminiscent of other gins released during the early days of the 21st Century gin renaissance: a classic style, but with a slight attempt to innovate. Like Tanqueray Malacca and Beefeater Wet, however, it has since been conceded to the drinks cabinet of history.

Special thanks to Seva for his help with this article.

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