Cocktails with… Ish Gin

A racy little gin has recently entered the market; a peek at the website provides an array of intrigue. I am talking, of course, about The Poshmaker’s Ish Gin. The site tells us that Ish Gin has been designed for “real” Gin & Tonics and Martinis. Bottled at 41%ABV, Ish is a London Dry Gin that is distilled 5 times and made at Thames Distillers.It contains the following 11 botanicals:
Lemon Peel
Orange Peel
Ish also make a point in emphasising the strength of the flavour in their gin which they say is achieved by diluting a lower proportion of their distillate concentrate with neutral grain spirit before it is hydrated to 41%ABV.
#1 On its own
The nose is of juniper, berry and lemon, whilst on the tongue, it has strong juniper and some piney notes, as well as hints of various herbs and citrus; altogether, there’s a lot of flavour.

#2 Gin & Tonic
Very fresh and very crisp. Very, very dry, with strong juniper and a fresh and refreshing flavour,

#3 Martini
Full of flavour, with crisp juniper and some citrus, before a long, dry finish. Rather good; this was in a classic style, with extra dry juniper notes. Good stuff.

#4 Pink Gin
As a slight twist, I decided to use Aphrodite Bitters, as I thought they fitted in with the hedonistic nature of gin.

A Pink Gin using Ish & Dr. Adam Elmegirab's Aphrodite Bitters

#5 Negroni
Quite bitter and dry; the juniper and pine notes were strong, making a fresh and bracing drink that will certainly rouse the appetite or pick you up on a late Friday afternoon.

#6 Gin Buck
Quite a dry buck with a definite juniper flavour. The flavours of the gin work well with the citrus, which is offset with a little sweetness from the ginger ale that also adds a little spritz to the dryness. Rather refreshing without being sickly.

#7 Clover Club
Crisp and exceptionally pleasant. The strong flavours of the gin stop the drink from being too sickly and the berry elements of the Grenadine round off the lemon juice and stop it from becoming too sharp. Lovely.

#8 Gin Old Fashioned
Again, I decided to use the Aphrodite Bitters. This cocktail was very smooth and on the sweet side. The piney juniper went well with the warmth of the bitters, as well as the hints of vanilla and gingery warmth. A great way to enjoy both the gin and the bitters.

#9 Milano
This cocktail was decidedly different; it wasn’t too sweet and the gin tamed both the lemon juice and the sweet Galliano well, making a dry Milano with hints of juniper and coriander. Quite raising to the appetite.

#10 Pink Gin & Tonic
Once again using Dr. Adam Elmigrabs Aphrodite Bitters.
This made a really nice drink, full of juniper and chocolate flavours. Fresh to start, followed by a creamy bitterness from the chocolate. Utterly surprising, but superb.

Definitely a drink of strong flavours, but after the initial burst of flavour, it smooths out quite nicely. The bitterness enhanced the flavour of the gin, but, at the same time, took the edge off of this juniper-dominant gin. There were hints of chocolate and coffee on the finish, with a little fiery ginger in the middle.

DBS and the ladies from Ish Gin

If you want to find out more about Ish Gin and you’re in the area they will be at the Boutique Bar Show Edinburgh – 25th-26th October 2011.

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