Cocktails with… Bedrock Gin

I picked this up on a recent trip to Gerry’s in Soho. Being a small gin brand focusing on the characteristics of its location, I thought it would be a suitable sequel to my review of Foxdenton.

Bedrock Gin uses Lakeland spring water and was designed to be a drink that would “capture the unique qualities of the English Lake District”. Its botanicals include juniper and citrus fruits, but, quite unusually, they also use 150yr old oak bark, which is an inspired choice against the more typical fruits, herbs and spices.

Bedrock Gin 40%ABV

#1) Neat

Bedrock Gin has a subtle juniper nose. It’s tingly and its very delicate flavour is floral and has a juniper finish. This was much more pleasant to drink on its own than many gins; it is rather sippable. It is smooth like a vodka, but is nonetheless unmistakeably a Gin, and one which is well-rounded and mild.

When mixed 50/50 with water the juniper is much more pronounced and the Gin has a similar flavour profile to many mainstream Gins sadly in doing so its smoothness is lost.

#2) Gin & Tonic

This makes a luverly, cool Gin and Tonic. There is an initial hit of flavour,  which then disappears and then pops back again, bringing with it a dose of juniper. Very easy to drink, it is simple and refreshing.

#3) Martini

The Bedrock Martini had a slight muskiness, along with flavours of spice and juniper, but no citrus. It was another smooth drink; lovely and soft in the mouth. However, it doesn’t have the crispness that some look for in a Martini.

#4) Gimlet

Very cooling; the mellowness of the Gin give the drink a quiet dignity, making it refreshing, but not too intense. There is a little spiciness from the Gin and, whilst the lime cordial might be a bit loud for the Gin, Bedrock still subtlety noticeable.

#5) Tom Collins

Bedrock made a very clean, subtle and smooth Collins. This was incredibly easy to drink, but with only a hint of the Gin it doesn’t distinguish it. One taster remarked that it was almost “detoxing”, although I don’t think a Gin Collins could really claim to be that!

#6) Bramble

Although a good mellow drink, the Gin was lost amongst the Creme de Mere and so was rather wasted here.

#7) White Lady

Quite nice, although once again the character of the Gin is lost. On the upside, the smoothness of the Gin means that the drink didn’t have its usually bitter twang.

#8) Aviation

With rather a flat flavour, this doesn’t do the Gin justice.

#9) Clover Club

Bedrock Gin makes a silky-smooth Clover Club and works very nicely with the other ingredients. If only I could get my hands on some proper Grenadine!*

#10) Dubonet Cocktail

In my experience, this is a “hit-or-miss” cocktail and, on this occasion, the Dubonet completely overpowers the delicate nature of the Gin. It is not a drink that I would recommend.

#11) Gin Sour

A lovely drink: strong juniper notes come through and the drink is full of flavour. As sours go, this is rather smooth; very reminiscent of the Gin. The more Gins I try in a sour, the more I find it a good way to get the measure of a Gin.

#12) Bronx

Another smoothy, I found the Bronx a bit lacking in flavour, but Mrs. B. thought that it was delightful, with a subtle beginning, fruity middle and bitter twist at the end. In her words, “Yummy.”.

#13) Pendennis

All of the ingredients came together nicely to complement Bedrock characteristics. This was the highlight of the cocktails that we tried and although this is an often overlooked cocktail, it is definitely worth trying with this particular Gin.

#14) Milano

Another lovely drink, but one in which this Gin is a silent partner; it would be better if the Gin was more balanced against the lemon’s citrus.

#15) Alexander

This was the best Alexander that I have ever had. Once more, the individual nuances of the Gin are disguised, but in this drink it doesn’t take away from its overall success.

#16) Singapore Sling

Not your run-of-the-mill Singapore Sling, this drink slips down easily and makes a quietly complex drink. It doesn’t show off the Gin, except for acknowledging Bedrock’s exceptional smoothness.

In conclusion…

Bedrock Gin describes itself as fresh, smooth and mellow, and they are spot on. This Gin is unusually smooth and would make a good introduction for new Gin drinkers. Although this doesn’t have the strong juniper notes favoured by some established Gin drinkers, Bedrock’s special characteristics warrant a taste by all.

The Gin & Tonic, Clover Club and the Pendennis were the highlights of our test, with the Gin Sour and Collins as close runners up.

Even though the Gin’s flavour is not prominent in a lot of the cocktails that we tried, Bedrock still makes loads of cocktails that are enjoyable to drink and, in the end, what more can we ask from a Gin?

Bedrock Gin is available at Gerry’s in Old Compton Street and from

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