Cocktails with… Burleigh’s Gin

Burleighs Gin is made at the 45 West Distillery near Loughborough in Leicestershire. The distillery opened (i.e. gin was first produced) on 24th June 2014. Their gins were created by Master Distiller Jamie Baxter, who has unrivalled expertise in distilling, having worked with distilleries such as Chase, City of London, and the East London Liquor Company, to name but a few. There are currently three gins in the Burleighs permanent gin family, and all three are made using the same 11 botanicals:

fresh orange
silver birch
dandelion root
burdock root

Signature London Dry Gin (40% ABV)

Burleighs Signature Gin FINALOn its own
Nose: Vibrant, fruity, and zesty. Rich notes of coriander, orange blossom, and a hint of vanilla.
Taste: This gin has a soft texture, like the nose, and has plenty of lively citrus. This makes way for woody juniper and spice, before a slight menthol and pepper finish with even continued flavours of citrus.

Gin & Tonic
A dry and crisp Gin & Tonic. Smooth notes of citrus with hints of vanilla and spice fill the palate. Refreshing and clean, with a pleasant amount of zest.

This cocktail has an oily texture and plenty of juniper comes through, making it bright and resinous. Citrus notes follow, along with a hint of violets, before a finish of vermouth and black pepper.

Quite sweet to start with, with light spice notes, too. The flavours gradually become more and more bitter, with dry juniper notes, all culminating in an extremely earthy and bitter finish. A good choice for the hard core Negroni drinker.

Export Strength Gin (47% ABV)

Burleighs Export Gin FINALOn its own
Nose: Pine blossom, zesty lemon, violet, and red cedar.
Taste: Very floral upfront, with notes of coriander, violets, and citrus blossom. This makes way for more oily, fragrant notes of citrus peel, which transform into coriander notes and some dry, woody spice. The finish is spicy, with a dry, leafy earthiness.

Gin & Tonic
Bright and lively, with lots of zesty citrus, spicy coriander, and then some sappy cedar. A long and invigorating drink – very tasty, indeed!

Quite floral, fruity, and earthy, with floral angelica notes upfront, followed by the gentle citrus and spiciness of coriander. The finish is of more citrus and pine.

Sweet, with some bitterness, too, and lots of peppery spice. Bright orange and marmalade notes follow, before a bold, bitter finish.

Distillers Cut (47% ABV)

Burleighs Distillers Cut Gin FINALOn its own
Nose: Malty coriander and resinous juniper, with floral, leafy notes reminiscent of cilantro and lemon verbena.
Taste: This is a complex and elegant spirit, that combines high, airy floral notes with a resinous herbaceousness.

Gin & Tonic
The nose bursts from the glass with notes of marmalade and coriander. This is quite a light Gin & Tonic, but is smooth and fresh, making it a clean, refreshing drink. There are notes of citrus and pine on the finish, plus a creamy hint of spice.

Resinous and floral, with light honeyed notes. This is a very smooth and silky drink, dazzling in the glass. There is also a good level of spice, including notes of coriander, cassia, and nutmeg.

Richer than the others, with a fuller, fruitier flavour. There are notes of bright, juicy citrus and some plum and berry notes, too. The finish is bitter, but balanced.

In Conclusion
The Burleighs Gin family really shows how different gins can be, even when they have the exact same botanical mix and differ only in their % ABV or recipe. Each of these gins has its own character and a balanced and well-integrated flavour profile. They were all good, but I had a particular soft spot for the Signature Gin, especially in a Gin & Tonic.

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