Cocktails with… Geranium Gin 55% ABV.


On Wednesday, I was a part of a slightly unconventional launch of a new gin. Not only did it take place in a pub in Guildford, but it was attended by folks who had just spent the day judging spirits.

The spirit in question was Henrik Hammer’s Geranium 55. Bottled at 55% ABV, this is a stronger version of his classic Geranium Gin (44.0% ABV). The desire for a stronger gin came about when Henrik was looking for a version that could really stand up well to heavy mixing, whether this be in a wetter Martini or longer drinks. As an additional point to note, Henrik’s home in Denmark is at 55 degrees latitude.

Geranium 55 uses the same 10 botanicals as the classic version, however it is made using 20% less geranium to stop it from becoming too perfumed at the higher alcoholic strength.


On its own
Nose: Fresh and fragrant, with punchy juniper followed by aromatic coriander, fruity citrus, and the sweet, jammy, floral notes of geranium.
Taste: The spirit fills the mouth with a rich texture and is surprisingly smooth given the ABV. Juniper and pine come through strongly, along with a little spice early on. This is followed by notes of citrus and coriander. Finally, there is a rich, succulent fruitiness and jammy notes of geranium.

Gin & Tonic
Fan-dabby-dosy! This drink is superb: jammy, with a faint hint of turkish delight, and bursting with luscious, juicy, floral notes. With a long, clean, and dry finish, this is nigh-on perfection!

A strong and powerful Martini with punchy, piney juniper, dry angelica and citrus, as well as a subtle, jammy geranium note. There’s also a delightful freshness on the finish..

Just superb: the complexity of the gin stands up well to the bold flavours of the vermouth and Campari. It’s a potent drink, but with a delightful freshness, making it the perfect pre-dinner cocktail.

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