Cocktails with… Marquis Vodka

I’ve seen a fair bit of eye-catching press about Marquis Vodka, but, here at SummerFruitCup, taste is always predominant, so I was very glad when they were kind enough to send me a sample to try.

Technical information is a bit thin-on-the-ground, but I know that it’s made in Poland from a rye base and is bottled at 40% ABV.

Nose: Minimal, with hints of grain and caramel.
Taste: Very soft and smooth, with a light sweetness, like slightly salted cereal. Overall, I thought this was quite good; sweet, but with character.

This was quite viscous and very smooth, but with a water-like quality until you get to a bit of sweetness at the end. The presence of the alcohol was only really full at the end. Very good to toast “Na zdorovye!” (“to your health”) with friends.

On the Rocks
This is a good way to enjoy the vodka on its own when it won’t fit in the freezer. The little ice melt that you get brings out some of the grainy notes, as well as a hint of anise.

A rather silky Martini with a hint of anise and vanilla. Clean and pure, I think this could work well with an olive or twist or none. The use of a good vermouth is essential; make sure it isn’t oxidised. If you do that, you’ll have a well-rounded, full mouth-feel.

Vodka & Tonic
This drink was clean, smooth and refreshing. It was even better when both the vodka and the glass were taken straight from the freezer. There’s a distinctive hint of vanilla. Altogether, this was a very grown up and sophisticated drink.

Rather delicious; zesty and refreshing, with a slight saltiness form the lime. The vodka works very well, giving the cocktail a clean edge and bringing the other ingredients together well. It’s very smooth, with some of the light cereal elements of the spirit in the background.

Capriahana (Vodka)
This cocktail has a revitalising combination of bitterness and tartness. It worked even better when the vodka had come straight from the freezer. Freshly made, this is a simple, but enjoyable cocktail.

A rather excellent Vesper. The smooth, yet strong character of the vodka comes through well and lives up to Bond’s description of the drink, being very cold, very strong and very well made. There’s a good, clean, crisp finish and a rather lovely chill to it, too. Definitely worth trying.

In Conclusion
I enjoyed trying out the Marquis Vodka in a variety of cocktails. The spirit has a good texture and is smooth, whilst still maintaining some character. I was particularly impressed with the Vodka & Tonic that it made, as few vodkas stand up to quinine water as well as this one does.

Marquis Vodka is available for around £29 for 70cl from The Whisky Exchange.

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