Cocktails with… Zuidam Dry Gin

Zuidam Dry Gin is made in the Netherlands at the Zuidam Distillery. The distillery was established in 1975 and today they make an array of Genevers, whiskies and liqueurs. We have already featured their honey whisky liqueur and their 5yr Old Dutch Rye Whisky was used in our Red Vermouth tasting.It is bottled at 44.5% ABV and contains the following 9 botanicals:

Orris Root
#1 Own
The nose was full of straightforward juniper. To taste, there was strong, warm juniper notes that were followed by spicy coriander and citrus peel. A rather classic style of good quality.#2 Gin & Tonic
Strong juniper and citrus pretty dry. A very classic, standard gin and tonic. Almost dictionary definition.

#3 Martini
A strong, powerful Martini; clean and pure. There were strong flavours of juniper and citrus and a touch of spicy sweetness at end. Regarding a garnish, I would recommend a lemon twist. All in all, this was an excellent Martini.

#4 Negroni
This had good, strong juniper and citrus notes alongside a natural sweetness before a full, bitter finish. A very good example of a Negroni.

#5 Alexander
Very good; a little heartier than most Alexanders and the gin stands up well against the other ingredients, giving the drink a good juniper-citrus dryness; the good thing about this is that it means that the drink is less sickly than usual.

#6 Gin Old Fashioned
Juniper, coriander and angelica are quite prominent. Meanwhile, the sugar works well with the hint of sweet liquorice from the gin. This was a well-rounded drink and a good way to appreciate the spirit.

#7 Collins
The gin works well with the slightly acidic berries of the shrub; the latter go well with the dryness of the gin. The soda gives the drink a little zing and pep and the sugar rounds things off nicely, stopping the drink from becoming too tart. In short, although this is a variation on the Collins, and just as refreshing.

#8 Fruit Cup
In a fruit cup, the Zuidam Dry was clean, but added some well-defined juniper and citrus elements, producing a very refreshing drink that is also full of flavour. Given that some other gin fruit cups can be slightly lacking in this area, it was great to see how well this one worked.

#9 French 75
In my experience, sometimes a gin can get a bit lost in a French 75, this is not a problem for Zuidam; its classic character is well-felt, but not overpowering. Invigorating and effervescent, it’s a great drink and I can see why Clayton Hartley enjoys them so much.

Zuidam Zeer Oude Genever
In addition to their Dry Gin, Zuidam also make a variety of Genever in different styles: jonge, oude and Korenwijn (corn wine). I had a little bottle of the Zuidam 5 Year Old Zeer Oude Genever and decided to include some tasting notes on this as a bonus.

The nose is distinctly woody, with notes of vanilla and oak in particular and a hint of pine. To taste, it was warming, with the same vanilla and oakiness from the nose followed by a hint of juniper at the end. Generally, it was malty and reminiscent of a rye whisky. Complexity developed whilst it was in the glass, with hints of caramel and toffee growing over time. Smooth, this was a pleasure to drink.