Cocktails with… TUB Gin from Colorado, USA

TUB Gin hails from the US state of Colorado, which is something of a hotspot for American small-batch distillation with the likes of Leopolds, CapRock and Roundhouse all hailing from the state.

Made from grain alcohol, it contains the following botanicals:

Orris Root

TUB Gin is bottled at 40% ABV.

The Taste

Nose: Juniper and creamy citrus, followed by some fresh fruit flesh like cut apples.
Taste: Floral citrus notes with a creamy quality were followed by a piney, creamy juniper towards the end. There was a fair bit of liquorice, too, which added some sweetness. Towards the end, there was some peppery heat to it.

Gin & Tonic
This was a floral and very citrusy G&T with just a hint of bitterness at the end. It also had some perfumed pine elements, reminding me a little of a Xoriguer Gin & Tonic. Very refreshing.

Rather nice, sweet citrus and coriander comes through more than juniper but the pine is still there. Pleasant and very crisp.

In Conclusion
Citrus and floral notes are the order of the day with TUB gin; it is also quite intense and definitely full of flavour. As noted before, it reminds me a little of Xoriguer Gin. Given this and the sweetness from the liquorice, it is slightly reminiscent of what some folks argue Old Tom Gin tastes like.

Special thanks to Seva for his help with this article.