Chocolate Orange Liqueur Recipe – (Using Terry’s)

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Folks who attended the Juniper Society a few months ago may remember a Cadbury’s Fruit ‘N’ Nut liqueur that I made, the recipe of which is lost to the sands of time (as I didn’t write it down!).
Those who attended this Monday’s Hendrick’s Juniper Society were “treated” to a taste of my new Chocolate Orange Liqueur.

This was inspired by our recent trip to the Diageo Archive where, in their bottle room, they had a few bottles of the now defunct Terry’s Chocolate Orange Liqueur. Inspired by the concept behind the bottle, I decided to recreate some and I am sharing the recipe with you.


One Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange
150ml Semi-skimmed Milk
150ml Double Cream
200ml Vodka (I used Iceberg as it is very clean and soft)

Melt one whole sphere of Terry Milk Chocolate Orange* in a glass bowl (I suggest using a Bain Marie and you may want to added a dash of milk whilst it is melting).
On a low heat, gradually add 150ml Semi-Skimmed Milk and 150ml Double Cream.
Remove from the heat and add the vodka. I recommend using something that is clean and smooth; I used Iceberg.

If you want a little more bitter orange, I would suggest adding a few dashes of orange bitters or orange flower water.

Once the mix has cooled, strain it through a fine sieve and then bottle and keep in the fridge.

I was doubtful of how this would turn out before I put it in the fridge, but after 12 hours of chilling, I tried it again. The result was a thick and creamy liqueur with both initial and lingering flavours of chocolate and a finish of bitter chocolate and orange. In short, it tastes a lot like Terry’s Chocolate Orange; I’m glad the other folks at the Juniper Society agreed.**

* Okay, so I say “whole”, but I actually ate two segments and that knobbly bit in the middle.
** Sadly it was so popular that I never managed to get a picture of it!