Cocktails with… Larks Tasmanian Godfather Gin

Larks Tasmanian Godfather Gin is made by the Larks Distillery in Hobart, which was founded in 1992 on the Island of Tasmania. The gin is bottled at 40.0% ABV and includes Tasmanian pepperberry amongst its botanical mix.


On its own
Nose: Mostly alcohol, with a touch of citrus, vanilla, raisin, and ginger.
This is quite a light gin with a little menthol pepper that builds on the finish. There is some light, creamy juniper, as well as notes of coriander and citrus. It is easy to sip, but not especially juniper-forward.

Gin & Tonic
A soft Gin & Tonic that is nonetheless very thirst-quenching. The notes of juniper and the other botanicals are light, but still discernable. I think a garnish of lightly crushed Tasmanian pepperberry (failing that grains of paradise, cubeb or black pepper) would work wonders.

Smooth and viscous, with a little vanilla, like a cross between a gin and a vodka Martini. It has a creamy finish, with lots of grain notes, and only a touch of juniper and menthol pepper.

Quite a soft cocktail, with a bitterness that builds as you sip. Mellow, with earthy herbal notes that are well-integrated, but the gin does not come through boldly.

In Conclusion
Larks is a good example of the lighter style of gin that appeals to many drinkers and is also accessible to non-gin fans. It struggles a little more against ingredients with stronger flavours, such as Campari, but it is particularly well-suited to light coolers; mixing it with citrus and soda would be a good option.