Cocktails with Stolichnaya Chocolat Razberi

Gone are the days when flavoured vodkas, for western markets, were relegated to citrus, vanilla and pepper. Sure, for years there has been the old student experiment of dissolving Skittles into vodka to “taste the rainbow” (and then get a sugar-high), but I’m talking about some really unusual flavours.
Pinnacle Drinks have kind of led the field on this one, with flavours such as: Cookie Dough, Cotton Candy, Cake, Gummy (Sweets), Marshmallow and a plethora of flavours involving whipped cream. The idea of using such unconventional flavours as these must be paying off, as Smirnoff have recently released two new vodkas in the US flavoured with Whipped Cream and Marshmallow, respectively.*

After all of this innovation, it was with curiosity that I gingerly approached Stolichnaya Choc Razberi.

This was originally released in the US, but, following their success there, it is now available in the UK. It is a mix of natural flavourings, consisting of “sweet, tangy raspberries and silken chocolate”.

The Taste

Own (Room Temperature)
nose: creamy raspberry and then a crisp, slightly bitter chocolate. Dessert is nature.
taste: smooth with a little warmth, quite sweet and creamy too. This is meant to taste like a chocolate covered raspberry, add a little cream and this exactly what you’ve got. The vodka based is very clean with little burn. Overall this quite confectionery in nature but I think it would be very popular at a  party.

From the Freezer
Thick and silky, initially sweet then some vanilla-raspberry notes which are reminiscent of raspberry-ripple icecream. You then get a dash of dark powdered cocoa. The drink is quite sweet but not overly so, I think it’s pretty tasty.

Clean and very smooth, perhaps a little sweet for the Martini “aficionado” with a touch of raspberry icecream sauce. Not a classic Martini but quite a pleasant and accessible drink.

On the Rocks
Over ce it is almost as if you are drinking a liqueur, the cream notes come out more. This would be perfect after dinner with coffee.

Vodka Tonic
I really didn’t think this would work but I was surprised. The dark bitter chocolate seems to complement the dry bitter quinine  and the fresh fruitiness of the raspberry reminds me of the liveliness a wedge of citrus adds to the drink.

White Russian
[25ml Stolichnaya Chocolat Razberi, 25ml Coffee Liqueur, 50ml Semi-Skimmed Milk]
Lovely. The choc-raspberry flavour works really well with the coffee liqueur and milk. I would suggest using milk rather than cream as I think the latter would be too rich. The raspberry adds fruitiness to a drink that is easier to make and even easier to drink.

In Conclusion
Despite being very keen to try it, I must admit I was slightly skeptical about Stolichnaya Chocolat Razberi; however these doubts were clearly unfounded. I think the quality of the vodka is high and the flavours are clean are genuine. The vodka really lend itself to cocktails and my favourite was easily the White Russian.

Stolichnaya Chocolat Razberi is avaialble from for around £ for 70cl.

*There is another brand of vodka called “Cupcake Vodka”, but, sadly, it is only a brand name and doesn’t taste anything like cupcakes. They also make a “frosting vodka”, but this is just plain old vanilla. I think this is pretty disappointing and rather misleading.

Autumn/Fall Cocktails with Stolichnaya Gala Apple


At Summer Fruit Cup we’re big fans of summer cocktails, but, as the leaves start to change colour and the sea winds begin to blow, we thought that it’s time to start looking at more seasonally-appropriate cocktails.

There are many possible spirits to choose from when making autumnal cocktails, but when I recently tried the new Stolichnaya Gala Applik, I knew that it would be perfect for the job.
Stolichnaya Applik is flavoured with crisp Gala Apples (my favourite variety) and is bottled at 37.5%. Stolichnaya have also recently released a new, duty-free, flavoured vodka, Stolichnaya Chocolate Raspberry.


What is an Autumnal Cocktail?

To me, this is a tricky creation, as it needs to aid a smooth transition from the summer coolers of July and August to the winter warmers of January and December. As a result, they need to be both refreshing and comforting and/or warming. Here are the ones that I’ve tried.

Squashed Apple

#1 – Squashed Apple
[25ml Stolichnaya Gala Apple, 25ml Apple Juice, Muddled Butternut Squash, 1 Dash Angostura Bitters -SHAKE]
Very fresh and crisp, and very easy to drink. The muddled butternut squash adds both a rich gold colour, as well as a light, sweet butteriness.

#2 – Toffee Apple Toddy
[50ml Applik, 25ml Caralicious Vodka, 25ml Lemon Juice, 100ml Boiling Water]
Warming and not too sweet, nor too intense. There are hints of caramel and vanilla, as well as toffee and fresh apple. The drink is a bit lighter than a winter toddy, but still has warming quality; perfect for September dusk.

Applik Alexander

Applik Alexander

#3 – Apple Alexander
[25ml Applik, 15ml Amaretto, 50ml Single Cream, Pinch of Cinnamon, SHAKE]
A most unusual mixture, but very nice; fresh and creamy, with spiced apple flavours and a dry, bakewell-tart finish. Both spicy and fresh, it provides the comforting balance that I’m looking for in  an autumnal cocktail.
Mrs B (not a fan of cream cocktails) declared this, “My favourite cream cocktail; they are usually heavy and sweet, and this is neither.”

Autumn Collins

Autumn Collins

#4 – Autumn Collins
[25ml Applik, 25ml Honey Syrup, 25ml Lemon juice, Top up with soda Water]
Fresh and crisp, with predominantly apple flavours alongside some hints of honey and spice. For some extra flavour, mix the garnish berries round a bit.

#5 – Apple Blackberry Fix
[Equal Parts, Applik Vodka, Lemon Juice, sugar syrup. Pour over a tumbler full of crushed ice. Stir. Pour half a part of Creme de Mure over the top]
This is a variation on the Gin Fix or Bramble; Apple Stolichnaya works well with the flavours of blackberry. The sweetness from apple and honey are balanced out by the tartness of the lemon juice.


In Conclusion

.I think Stolichnaya Gala Applik is quite a versatile product and it lends itself particularly well to these sorts of cocktails. The flavour of the vodka is crisp and fresh and, thankfully, doesn’t have the artificial air of many other flavoured spirits.

Our favourite cocktails were the Apple Alexander and the Autumn Collins.

Stolichnaya Applik is available for around £19 for 70cl from The Whisky Exchange.