Drambuie 15 Yr Old – Whispers of Whisk(e)y 22

For 2012’s first Whispers of Whisk(e)y, we return to Drambuie, which I reviewed just over a year ago, back in 2010. Drambuie 15 Year Old is made from a combination of 15 Year Old Speyside malt whiskies and the distinctive herb-and-spice flavours from “Bonnie Prince Charlie’s secret elixir”. It’s slightly stronger than the regular Drambuie (43%ABV compared to 40%ABV) and comes in a more elegant and distinguished looking bottle.

Its nose was soft and sweet, but substantial. I picked up allspice and the kind of sweet ginger that I recognise from baking homemade gingerbread, and butterscotch, alongside lighter herbal notes.As a liqueur, this was smooth and velvety. The initial flavour was a delicate sweetness, which was followed by a rush of warmth and rich, genuine and unmasked wood. As the wood notes start to develop further, they’re supported by comforting spiced honey notes. Fresh, herbal notes then came into play, all the while softened by the remaining sweetness from the honey.The warmth continued to intensify, even as the other flavours started to fade, making me think that this must surely be at home in a hipflask to take on chilly walks – something that DBS & I were able to test on a seaside stroll yesterday. I can hereby confirm that it was, indeed, the most tasty hipflask tipple I’ve ever tasted, having a perfectly comforting mixture of sweetness, warmth and atmospherically mysterious herbal notes that I never can quite pin-down.I’d highly recommend that you try this; ideally, in the midst of a swift seaside or woodland walk from a hipflask that’s warm from your pocket. Delicious!

– Mrs. B.

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