Cocktails with… Sloemotion No7 Fruit Cup

Summer is on the way and with it, the need for cool and refreshing drinks. Often, the mind moves automatically to summer fruit cups (rather fitting, given our site’s name) and the most commonly available of these is Pimm’s, but increasingly more varieties are being released by other companies.

Today, we are looking at SloeMotion No7 (so named as it is their seventh product), which is a blend of gin, hedgerow, orchard, and field fruits, as well as hedgerow blossom and herbs. The suggested ratio for the serve is 1 pt SloeMotion Cup to 4 parts lemonade. It is bottled at a respectable 25% ABV.

SloeMotion No7 Fruit Cup FINAL bottle

The Taste

With Lemonade (I used the Sainsbury’s own brand, as recommended by SloeMotion)
Bold, rich, and fruity flavours with plenty of luscious berry notes, as well as a touch of spice and crisp, leafy notes, which are emphasised by the cucumber garnish. Even with lemonade it’s not too sweet, which adds to the drink’s refreshment.

With Bitter Lemon
This produces a much tarter version of the drink, but, given how well bitter lemon mixes with sloe gin, it is not a surprise that it works well with the SloeMotion No7. There is an additional, delightfully earthy quinine bitterness on the finish.

SloeMotion No7 Fruit Cup FINAL Lemonade

With Ginger Ale
This is the sweetest of the drinks that I tried, but it is still rather good; I like the gentle warmth that the mixer provides and it works well with the herbal and fruit notes of the drink. It’s also slightly less fizzy than the lemonade version, which will appeal to some people. Another tasty version.

With Soda Water
For those who prefer less sugar in their drink, this is an excellent choice. The greater subtleties of the fruit cup come through well, including some oaky, tea leaf tannin notes, plus citrus and some more fresh, leafy notes. Exceptional refreshment.

In Conclusion

I think that SloeMotion No7 brings something a little different to the category of fruit cups, providing a greater complexity than many of the mainstream brands and embracing fruit flavours, especially when compared to the more herbal characteristics of other excellent cups such as Plymouth or Sipsmith.

I enjoyed it most with lemonade and plain sparkling water.

WOW2 – SLOEmotion Sloe Whisky

The other day, whilst DBS set about unpacking a box of very kindly donated sloe gin for our recent tasting – and whilst I sat trying to make sense of a knitting pattern – he lifted a handsome miniature out of the box and smiled at me, as if to say, “You’ll like that!”.
The box was from SLOEmotion, a family-run company who make sloe based liqueurs in the Howardian Hills, near York, and the miniature contained their Sloe Whisky.

A bottle of the lovely SLOEmotion whisky

I have to admit to being immediately drawn in with anticipation at what this liqueur was going to taste like. The small, slightly curved bottle reminded me of my hip flask and the bright, straight-forward label suggested a neat mixture of old and new, with its vintage layout and modern typefaces.

We quickly established that this was unlike any of the other whisky liqueurs that we have ever tried: its nose was rich and fruity, like Christmas cake, with hints of cherry and marzipan.

On its own, it started out like a good (in my opinion) sloe gin, with a full-bodied fruitiness that isn’t swamped by sweetness and edges close to tartness, before transforming into an oak-y warmth. Whilst it initially seemed sharp, the sharpness disappeared quickly and the whisky flavours at the end were considerably more subtle than the corresponding flavours you would find at the end of your average sloe gin.

One of recommended cocktails on SLOEmotion’s website containing the Sloe Whisky is the “Sloe Whisker”: Sloe Whisky, ginger beer and lime. We decided to give this a try and found it to be a very pleasant drink indeed. The ginger beer adds just enough sweetness to balance out any sharpness in the liqueur, effectively taming it; and, depending on which ginger beer you use, it also adds a wonderful, fiery finish. I did find that some of the more subtle whisky flavours were easily overpowered by the first ginger beer that we tried, but I found an alternative much more palatable and so would recommend experimentation!

Upon reflection, I think that this liqueur works well both when mixed and on its own, but I personally enjoyed it most in the latter form and at room temperature, as a fruity alternative to an evening glass of whisky.

– Mrs. B

SLOEmotion Sloe Whisky is available from their site £15.95 for 35cl.

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