Alcoholic Ginger Beer Update #5 – Crabbies Orange Spice Alcoholic Ginger Beer

I like to have a mooch around different supermarkets every now and then in the hope of finding something new. During a recent trip to Morrisions, I came across Crabbies Spiced Orange Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Readers of the site may recall that the original version did quite well in our Alcoholic Ginger Beer Tasting.

So whats new?
Crabbies have taken their original formula and added natural orange extract and a hint of spice. Ginger and orange is certainly not a new combination for Crabbies, as they already make a non-alcoholic ginger beer “twisted” with orange.

The Taste

This had a medium fizz; it seems slightly less fizzy than normal Crabbies.
Initially, there are flavours of ginger and vanilla, which are followed by slightly spicy, bittersweet orange; in some ways, this reminds me of chocolate orange. This is then followed by the familiar Crabbies ginger fire.
I consider this to be a modest modification on the original, but the new flavours are certainly noticeable and quite welcome. It’s seasonality will keep it special.

All in all, I quite like it and, for less than £1.50 for half a litre, I think it’s certainly worth a punt.

Crabbies Spiced Orange is available for £1.49 for 500ml from Morrisons