Carte Blanche Cocktail – New James Bond Drink – SPOILER ALERT!

The Carte Blanche cocktail comes from the new James Bond book by Jeffery Deaver (also called Carte Blanche) that was released today and I am throughly enjoying it so far. I’ve just got to the introduction of “the new cocktail of the book”; I will detail the cocktail after the picture below, so be aware there may be a spoiler or two, I will try to keep these to a minimum.

Carte Blanche Recipe

Rock Glass

Add Double measure of Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

Add Ice

Add Half a Measure of Triple Sec (I used Cointreau)

Add Two Dashes of Angostura Bitter

Twist of Orange Peel

Bond does not mention shaking or stirring this drink

but I might suggest a quick stir or at least swirl the ice cubes round.

This is, effectively, a variation on the Old Fashioned and it tastes like it. We already know that Bond is a fan of Bourbon and the Old Fashioned, most notably in Live and Let Die; for more details click here.

I like this new drink and it has quite a good balance, but I can’t help but think that the triple sec seems a bit out of place. As the ice melts, the drink opens up more and does improve, it also get a bit lighter.

However Mrs. B thought it was excellent and described it as: “the equivalent of adult jaffa cakes”.

It’s a nice deviation from the Martinis (those are in Carte Blanche, too; Stolichnaya, of course) and will hopefully get more people to appreciate the complexity and sophistication of American Whisk(e)y cocktails; after all, bourbon is Bond’s favourite spirit.

Fan of James Bond Cocktails? Why not try The Vesper.


I was recently writing this article on Van Wee’s Angostura Bitters and tried it out in a Carte Blanche (rather then the variety made with the over-sized label by the angostura company) and I thought the different was rather surprising. The bitters brought a lot more depth and life to the drink. If you can use these bitters than the Carte Blanche starts to look like a decent rival to the Vesper.

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