Martini Gadgets 8 – The Martini Spike

This was the first Martini Gadget that I owned, and I still think that it is the most impressive; it does have a tendency to wow!

The Martini Spike was made by Gorham and consists of a silver-plated syringe that can be used to dispense tiny amounts of vermouth to your drink. It dates from the late 1950s during a boom-time of the cocktail hour, three Martinis and an affluent American Middle Class. It is from this period that most gadgets date and the syringe is representative of a growing preference for ever dryer Martinis.

The spike came in a felt-lined box, complete with a rather minimalist pictorial instruction of how to use it.

The Taste

I used the Spike to add 5 notches (5ml) of Dry Vermouth to 30ml of Boodles Gin.
These were added to an iced Martini glass, stirred and strained.The resulting drink was smooth, flavourful and quite powerful, too. Clean and crisp, it was a textbook Martini.
The Spike was pretty easy to use and I quickly got the hang of it.

The Score

A small dispenser is a useful tool to control how much vermouth you add to your drink. Each marking on the Spike represents one millimeter and so, with 30ml of Gin, you can make everything from 30:1 to 3:1; a fine range that should suit most Martini drinkers.
Practicality Score:  5 out of 5


The potential theatrics of the Martini Spike are very high and I have already seen some used at a few events. It is something that will catch the eye of friends and patrons alike.

Showmanship Score:  5 out of 5

Curio Quality (How unusual is it?)

No question, this is the most eye-catching Martini Gadget and very simple, too. It’s medicinal nature and appearance give it a slightly sinister air; mystique and intrigue always appeal!

Curio Quality Score: 5 out of 5

An unorthodox use of the Martini spike