SKYFALL Cocktail – A Drink for the New James Bond Film

With the New James Bond film, “Skyfall”*, due for release in just 4 weeks (26th October 2012) and 2012 being the 50th anniversary of the first Bond Film, Dr No (1962), and the 60th anniversary of the first book, Casino Royale (1952), it seems fitting to come up with a drink to celebrate Bond’s latest adventure in this very special year.

Skyfall Cocktail

25ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin
25ml Red Vermouth
25ml Campari
25ml Fresh lemon juice

Shake vigorously until well-chilled (this is essential).
Serve in a cocktail glass and serve with a long, thin piece of orange peel.

The Exposition
1) Unusually, Skyfall sees a lot of action from Bond in London*, so I thought it was fitting to use a gin (the drink of London) that was actually made in the city; Sipsmith, a fine gin in its own right, is made in the London borough of Hammersmith.
2) From the little that I know about Skyfall, it seems that this will be a particularly bitter and sour experience for the character; hence, the bitter and sour flavours from the Campari and lemon juice.
3) One of the rumoured titles for Bond 23 was Risico***, the title of a short Bond story by Fleming. In this story, the agent orders a Negroni, so this drink forms the basis of the Skyfall Cocktail.
4) The garnish is inspired by the long, thin slice of Bond’s Vesper in Casino Royale, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary.
5) Shaken, not stirred.

The Taste
This deep, dark red drink is strong and intense with clean, crisp gin notes to start. The drink then moves to some sweeter, darker herbal notes and a bitter/sour finish from the Campari and lemon juice.
The drink is bracing and has a good balance of sweet, sour and bitter, making it a good aperitif and appetite-riser.
As a final endorsement, Mrs. B, a known Campari sceptic, thought that this drink was rather delicious and was surprised to have finally found a Campari drink that she liked.

So there we have it: a tasty cocktail that is refreshing, great before dinner and may convert even the most ardent Negroni haters. I hope that you all enjoy the film and no doubt I shall be writing more about the drinks featured in it for the excellent James Bond website,

* His 23rd official (made by EON Productions) film.
** Unusual, because 007, an agent of MI6, only has jurisdiction outside of the UK, whereas those of MI5 have jurisdiction within the UK.
***  Risico is one of only three other Ian Fleming James Bond book titles that have not been made into films; The Hilderbrand Rarity and 007 In New York being the other two. There was a fourth, Quantum of Solace, but that was the name of the 2008 film.

Carte Blanche Cocktail – New James Bond Drink – SPOILER ALERT!

The Carte Blanche cocktail comes from the new James Bond book by Jeffery Deaver (also called Carte Blanche) that was released today and I am throughly enjoying it so far. I’ve just got to the introduction of “the new cocktail of the book”; I will detail the cocktail after the picture below, so be aware there may be a spoiler or two, I will try to keep these to a minimum.

Carte Blanche Recipe

Rock Glass

Add Double measure of Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

Add Ice

Add Half a Measure of Triple Sec (I used Cointreau)

Add Two Dashes of Angostura Bitter

Twist of Orange Peel

Bond does not mention shaking or stirring this drink

but I might suggest a quick stir or at least swirl the ice cubes round.

This is, effectively, a variation on the Old Fashioned and it tastes like it. We already know that Bond is a fan of Bourbon and the Old Fashioned, most notably in Live and Let Die; for more details click here.

I like this new drink and it has quite a good balance, but I can’t help but think that the triple sec seems a bit out of place. As the ice melts, the drink opens up more and does improve, it also get a bit lighter.

However Mrs. B thought it was excellent and described it as: “the equivalent of adult jaffa cakes”.

It’s a nice deviation from the Martinis (those are in Carte Blanche, too; Stolichnaya, of course) and will hopefully get more people to appreciate the complexity and sophistication of American Whisk(e)y cocktails; after all, bourbon is Bond’s favourite spirit.

Fan of James Bond Cocktails? Why not try The Vesper.


I was recently writing this article on Van Wee’s Angostura Bitters and tried it out in a Carte Blanche (rather then the variety made with the over-sized label by the angostura company) and I thought the different was rather surprising. The bitters brought a lot more depth and life to the drink. If you can use these bitters than the Carte Blanche starts to look like a decent rival to the Vesper.

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