Cocktails with… Indogin

On a recent trip to Fibar-Valladolid in central Spain, I was surprised at how many of the gins available were still being made in the UK and imported to Spain. The Craft Distilling movement has started in the country, but it is still to see the boom that Britain currently enjoys.

Indogin Bottle.jpg

Indogin is an example of one of these imported gins. Bottled at 40% ABV, it is made using botanicals that include: juniper, coriander, angelica, orange, lemon, liquorice, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, and thyme. Here’s what it tasted like.

On its own
Nose: Herbaceous, with a little salinity. It’s quite powerful, before creamy citrus and spicy coriander take over.
Taste: A gentle start, with a little malty coriander and a little creaminess. This is followed by the sweet spice of cardamom and ginger, as well as a sweetness and some liquorice. The finish is of a mix of citrus and dry angelica.

Gin & Tonic
Indogin makes a very typical and classic Gin & Tonic: clean and crisp, with a little herbaceous leafiness and spice. The finish is pleasant and full of citrus notes.

Clean and crisp, with light lemon citrus notes. This is a cocktail that is elegant and very easy to sip. A textbook Martini. Brilliant!

A bold Negroni with quite a lot of bitterness, but the gin really powers through; it is not overwhelmed by the vermouth or the Campari. Another very classic cocktail, and one which would be great before a meal or, lengthened with soda water, a cooler to sip on a hot day.

In Conclusion
Indogin is a solid, classic gin that is both pleasant to sip neat and works well in a variety of classic gin cocktails. My favourite drink was the Martini.