Raiders of the Lost Cocktail Cabinet VI – Gordon’s Lemon Gin

A few weeks back, we looked at my attempt to recreate Gordon’s Orange Gin. Well, for a long time this was partnered by a lemon gin and here is my recipe. Like its orange-flavoured counterpart, Gordon’s Lemon Gin was introduced in 1931 and was produced for 57 years until finally being discontinued in 1988.

Recently, I was lucky enough to try some of the original Lemon Gin; here are my notes:

A very strong pang of lemon, sweeter then expected and still quite smooth. I am surprised at how similar it is to the Orange Gin, as well as the fact that it is more intense then I expected. There is a slight muskiness from age.
So how did my re-creation fair?
#1) Own:
Very tart and sharp; the lemon comes through very strongly. Pretty good though.

#2) Windsor Jubilee
[20ml Lemon Gin, 10ml Lemon Juice, 10ml Cointreau – SHAKE]
Superb, but very tart; the sort of drink that makes you go, “Ooh!”. Very fresh, with the tartness neatly balanced by the sweetness of the Cointreau. Certainly worth trying.

#3) Gloucester Glory
[Equal Parts: Apricot Brandy:Dry Vermouth:Lemon Gin:Lemon Juice:Orange Juice – SHAKE]
Complex and citrus-like; a high-quality tropical fruit drink. This was one of the fruitiest short drinks I have ever had and, although it was a bit of a faff to make, it was very good.

#4) Thin Lady
[20ml Lemon Gin, 10ml Triple Sec, 5ml Egg white – SHAKE]
This is a variation of the White Lady. I found that the combined sweetness of the lemon gin and the triple sec makes this drink rather too sickly for my taste.

#5) Lemon Gin Martini
[20ml Lemon Gin, 5ml Dry Vermouth – SHAKE]
Sharp and crisp, similar to a Gimlet, but less sweet; I’d be intrigued to make a lime gin to try in this recipe. Very enjoyable to drink.

#6) Betty Dighton’s Mint
[25ml Lemon Gin, 10ml Orange Gin, 5ml Campari – SHAKE]
A complex, bitter drink; very heavy on the citrus, with a grapefruit-like bitterness. If you like sharp and bitter cocktails, this is worth a try.

#7) with Tonic
Lovely and tart. The lemon flavour is a natural fit for a Gin & Tonic and this is great.

#8) with Ginger Ale
Very similar to a Gin Buck; sharp as glass, but still very good.

#9) with Boiling Water
Pleasant enough; might be good before bed with a pinch of cinnamon.

#10) with Milk
An odd combination. Very similar in taste to the same drink using my recreation of orange gin, but not very good.

In Conclusion
Overall, I preferred the Lemon Gin to the Orange variety and I thought it was a recreation worth making. It’s easy to make too and the recipe can be found here.
The best cocktails were, without a doubt, the Windsor Jubilee and the Gloucester Glory.