Christmas Cocktails with Blue Nun Gold – Sparkling Wine


I am rather an enthusiast for drinks writing and, as such, my scrawlings are not limited to; another website that I scribe for is the Institute for Alcoholic Experimentation and one of the most popular articles there is on J2O’s Glitterberry. What with this and the likes of Marmite bringing out a gold-coloured Christmas variety, it is clear that the British public loves a bit of glitter. So, when I came across the new Blue Nun Gold, I thought that it would be great to write about and experiment with.

BlueNun Bottle

Blue Nun goes well beyond “a bit of glitter”; this sparkling Riesling white wine, bottled at 11%ABV, contains 22 carat gold leaf.

When the bottle arrived, it caught the eye of some family and friends and, therefore, the cocktails were not just tasted by me, but by a panel of eager volunteers.

Onto the taste…

#1) On its own
Nose: Dry grape notes.
Taste: Quite dry, not too sweet, clean and crisp. This isn’t too fizzy – I’d say a medium-high level of fizz – with some tannin and bitterness there, too. There are also lots of fruity notes of apples and grapes; so much so that one panel member said that it reminded them of a dry cider.

Blue Nun Gold

Blue Nun Gold

#2) Golden Afternoon
[15ml Verte Absinthe, 80ml Blue Nun]
A variation on Ernest Hemmingways’ “Death in the Afternoon” from the book “So Red The Nose”. Anise at the forefront, with some fruity, vanilla notes, too. This was sweeter than the wine on its own and more pudding-like. It was well-liked by the panel and considered very easy to drink.

BlueNun DeathInTheAfternoon

Golden Afternoon with Blue Nun Gold

#3) Golden Classic
[Soak a sugar cube in orange bitters, Add a dash of Cherry liqueur,Top up with Blue Nun Sparkling Gold]
Sweet, jammy berry flavours, with some dryness towards the finish. Overall, this was well-balanced and very tasty.

Golden Classic with Blue Nun Gold

Golden Classic with Blue Nun Gold

#4) King’s Gold
[20ml The King’s Ginger, 80ml Blue Nun]
Great – dry, with just the right level of sweetness and spice. Warming and yet still very much in a celebratory theme, this is perfect for the festive season.

King's Goldwith Blue Nun Gold & King's Ginger

King’s Goldwith Blue Nun Gold & King’s Ginger

#5) Golden Gun
[1 sugar lump, 3–4 drops of orange bitters, Juice of ¼ of a lemon, About a measure of gin
Blue Nun Gold]
This cocktail is a variation on the French ‘75 (named after the military field gun) made with Jodhpur Gin. This version had fine flavours and was quite dry. It was also one drink where the gold leaf worked particularly well; it was a hit with many of the panel, including Mumsy, who doesn’t usually like gin!

BlueNun German'75

Golden Gun with Blue Nun Gold & Jodhpur Gin

#6) Millionaire’s Gold
[Add 20ml of Creme de Cassis (I used Beveland Brand) Top up with Blue Nun Gold]
This is a classic drink in which the Blue Nun works really well; none of the ingredients overpower any of the others, clean and crisp with a slight touch of tart berry sweetness from the Cassis. Simple, but lovely.

This is a variation on the Kir Royale evoking memories of the “Millionaire’s Cocktails” that I made for New Year’s Eve 2010. One individual seemed to take issue with this term, however.

BlueNun KirRoyale

Millionaire’s Gold with Blue Nun Gold

In Conclusion

Blue Nun Gold is a fun and affordable way to add sparkle to your Christmas drinks; it is easy to drink, accessible and mixes well with a variety of other ingredients. My favourite drink was either the Golden Afternoon or the King’s Gold.

Blue Nun Gold is available for around £9.59 fo 750ml from