Alcoholic Ginger Beer Update #4 – Weston / Morrison’s Ginger Cider

Just when I thought that I’d covered all of the alcoholic ginger beer available in the UK, I find another! This, like Brother’s offering, is a ginger cider and is made for the supermarket Morrisons.

The Ginger Cider is made by H Westons & Sons of Much Marcel, Herefordshire, who are well-known for their range of cider and perry, including their organic selection, Stowford Press and my favourite, Old Rosey, a really great, scrumpy-style cider.

This ginger cider is bottled at 4%ABV and is made with the first cider apples from the 2010 season; it’s traditionally matured in oak vats and ginger flavour is then added. I noticed, from their website, that Westons also make a Sparkling Raspberry-twist Apple Cider, as well as a Ginger Twisted one. This latter variety is also bottled at 4%ABV and so my guess would be these are one and the same product.

On to the taste:

Nose: Jammy, citrus and ginger. A bit like ginger marmalade.

Taste: Rather pleasant; dry, juicy and, whilst the ginger is there, there’s no definitive burn or fire. Finally, there’s a little vanilla at the end. There’s some muskiness and hints of almond, too. It’s very refreshing, not too sweet and, although initially the ginger is faint, as you drink more, its effects builds up.

Morrison’s New Season Cider with Ginger Flavour is available form Morrison’s for £1.50 for 500ml.


Alcoholic Ginger (Beer?) Update – Ginger Cider

Alcoholic Ginger Beer Update

Brother’s Ginger Cider

Last month, we held a tasting of seven alcoholic ginger beers of one form or another. Two of those that we tried were less than 6 months old at the time of tasting, but it looks like another company have entered the alcoholic ginger fray since then: Brother’s Cider.

Brother’s Cider hail from Shepton Mallet in Somerset and are well-known for their unusual cider flavours; their current range includes:

  • Original Apple
  • Pear
  • Festival Pear
  • Strawberry
  • Toffee Apple
  • Bitter-sweet Apple
  • Lemon
  • Tutti Fruitti

I picked up their Ginger Cider from Tesco’s, where 500ml will set you back £1.99.

The Taste

Funnily enough, this tastes like ginger cider (who’d have thought it?); however, it also has similarities to the sweeter alcoholic ginger beers, such as Crabbies. Brother’s Ginger is not too fizzy and not too sweet and is really quite refreshing; however, one downside is that after one bottle, it is a bit sickly. I don’t think that I’d bother with ice for this drink; just serve it straight from the fridge. Whilst this is not technically a ginger beer, it is worth trying if you enjoy the likes of Crabbies, Stones and Frank’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer – if you like cider, too, so much the better!