Seagram’s Sunday – Gin N Juice – Tropical Thunder

It’s been ten weeks since I started Seagram’s Sunday, and there has been as many reviews of Seagram’s products, but, today, we’ve come to a break (until I find more products to review!). It’s been a great ride so far, though, and there have been some pretty decent products, too.

The subject of this final, pre-break article is Seagram’s Gin & Juice Tropical Thunder. Released in 2007, this is bottled at 17.5% ABV and is described as being:

“A delicious blend of Seagram’s Gin, Fruit Juice, Ginseng and Natural Mango flavours, Certified colours.”

The Taste

Colour: Luminous orange.
Nose: Mango ice-cream.
Taste: Initially, this tastes of mango, but this rather hastily fades into the taste of overripe mango, followed by a note that I can only compare to gastric acid. I’ll leave it there. Another taster described it as “foul” and “the worst thing I have ever tried”.

With ice: Somehow, this was even worse; its most unpleasant aspects were simply amplified, with one taster saying that it reminded them of stale sweat.

Seagram’s Sunday – Gin N Juice – Red Fury

Released in 2005, Seagram’s Gin & Juice Red Fury was the fifth in the range to be produced, following Lemon Splash, Blue Beast,  Ruby Red Grapefruit and Green Dragon. It is bottled at 17.5% ABV and described as:

“A delicious blend of Seagram’s Gin, Tropical Juices, Natural Flavours, Ginseng and Certified Color.”

This seems like a good time to note that ginseng extract is used in a lot of Seagram’s Gin & Juice products. According to their website, it adds an “extra boost”, possibly suggesting some sort of health or energy benefit.*

The Taste

Colour: Glowing redder than red.
Nose: Strawberry, cherry and almond.
Taste: Sweet strawberry, then dry gin. Not bad, this tastes like strawberry gin, but with a weird finish that’s a bit cloying. Towards the end, a strawberry jelly/Jello flavour emerges.

With ice: A definite improvement: much more pleasant. It still has a harsh finish and is very sweet, but it’s almost drinkable.


* The Seagram’s website also points out that:

“Red Fury is bottled in a facility where milk is also handled. While all proper steps are taken to prevent cross-contamination, consumers of these(sic) products who have milk allergies should be advised.”

Whilst I think that it’s good and proper that this is pointed out, it did make me wonder why Red Fury was the only one with this warning, implying that it is bottled at a separate plant to all of the others.

Seagram’s Sunday – Gin N Juice – Lemon Berry Blaze

So far in Seagram’s Sunday we have looked at their flavoured gins and their cask-rested gins; now we move on to a third category of their gin products: Gin & Juice. These are ready-to-serve drinks that contain a combination of gin and fruit juice and have been produced since 1995.

1995 – Lemon Splash (later renamed Original Citrus)
1999 – Blue Beast (natural berry & ginseng)
2003 – Ruby Red Grapefruit
2004 – Green Dragon (kiwi, strawberry & ginseng)
2005 – Red Fury (tropical fruit & ginseng)
2006 – Purple Rage (grape juice & ginseng)
2007 – Tropical Thunder (mango & ginseng)
2008 – Lemon-Berry Blaze (berry lemonade)

Today’s article features the newest of these flavours, Lemon Berry Blaze. This is bottled at 17.5% ABV and is described as:

“A delicious blend of Seagram’s Gin, Lemon and Berry Juices, Natural flavours, Ginseng, Certified Color (sic), and FO#C Yellow#5.”

The Taste

Colour: Glowing turquoise.
Nose: Confectionery; specifically, fizzy strawberry laces.
Taste: Initially sweet, then the gin comes into play, but unfortunately, not for very long. This is really rather odd, being quite musky and chalky, followed by a hit of what seems like floor cleaner!

Given such an adverse initial reaction, I added some ice and left it for a minute to see if it would improve…

I quite like the nose and, after a bit of time, the drink becomes more palatable, but it still reminds me of a below-average alcopop.