Cocktails with 58 Gin from London

Gin 58 is one of those gins that I’ve known about for a while and it is great to see it gain momentum. It is one of a growing number of new distilleries in London and was created by Mark Marmont. The gin is bottled at 43% ABV.

Fifty Eight 58 Gin.jpg

On its own
Nose: Subtle hints of coriander seed, citrus peel, and the fragrant floral notes of cilantro.
Taste: Good, solid flavour intensity and a well-balanced product. It has a range of flavours, from sweet spice to earthy root notes, as well as the bright, clean notes of pine and citrus. This has a vibrant, spicy finish that is interspersed with oily juniper. A beautiful soft spirit that is easily appreciated when sipped neat.

Gin & Tonic
Very refreshing – everything you look for in a Gin & Tonic. There’s citrus upfront, with coriander, juniper, and angelica on the finish.

A delicate, elegant Martini with pleasant subtleties. There are lovely, resinous juniper notes with some light, sweet spice of cassia and vanilla, before a citrus finish.

Rich, resinous, bold, and intense. This has a lovely balance between all three ingredients, finishing with a bright, dry juniper flavour and a good dose of signature earthy bitterness and a hint of menthol pepper.

In Conclusion
Gin 58 is a great example of a gin that combines the flavour profile and mixability of a classic gin with the sippable elegance of a contemporary one. This is a shining addition to the renaissance of gin distilling in London. My favourite drink – although it was very difficult to choose between them – was the Gin & Tonic.