Cocktails with… Chase Eureka Gin

Citrus and gin are a natural match, so it is perhaps surprising that we don’t see more citrus gins, especially given how popular they once were. Chase Distillery released one in 2015, which was limited to just 1,000 bottles. It is based on Chase Naked Apple with extra Lemon, Lime, Ornage and Pink Grapefruit.

Chase Eureka Gin

On its own
Nose: Bright, but not overpowering citrus in a medley of lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit notes. There are some hints of spice, too.
Taste: Dry upfront, before the citrus notes come through. There is a little oiliness from the start, with notes of vanilla, lime, and the darker flavours of orange and light citrus blossom. This has a smooth and silky texture, followed by a long, dry finish.

Gin & Tonic
This is a light and bright Gin & Tonic. The citrus nature of the gin makes it an obvious candidate to mix with tonic, and it does not disappoint. No garnish is necessary.

Lively, with a variety of citrus: lemon, lime, and orange. The bright vibrance is an excellent quality for a Martini and makes this a refreshing pre-dinner cocktail.

A solid Negroni and, whilst the zesty citrus comes through, it does not dominate, so there is still space for your choice of garnish, whether it be a slice of orange, pink grapefruit, or blood orange.

In Conclusion
I was pleasantly surprised by the subtleties of this gin. Many citrus-flavoured spirits go overboard, but – thankfully – Chase Eureka does not. The result is a bright and vibrant spirit that still tastes like gin, but also has a lavish flourish of citrus that makes it perfect for long drinks. As such, my favourite drink was the Gin & Tonic.