Cocktails with… Cardiff Dry Gin

From the Eccentric Gin distillery in Llantrisant, South Wales – Cardiff Dry Gin is the fourth gin in their family and was launched late in the summer of 2015. Bottled at 37.5% ABV botanical include:
Lemon Verbena

The gin contains no citrus peels.

Cardiff Dry Gin FINAL

On its own
Nose: Sweet liquorice, cumin, rosemary – herbaceous and vegetal.
Taste: Sweet fennel, anis, and liquorice upfront, before some menthol pepper notes and leafy herbs such as rosemary. All of this before a long, poignant finish.

Gin & Tonic
Juicy and very spicy, with a mix of savoury cumin and sweet nutmeg and cinnamon, before a zesty finish.

A very good, flavourful Martini for a 37.5% ABV gin. This is herbaceous and spicy, with sweet notes of anis and liquorice towards the end.

Another intense and spicy cocktail: the gin cuts through the other ingredients well, despite its relatively low ABV. This would make a superb pre-dinner cocktail.

In Conclusion
A good all-rounder gin and an example at how you can still have flavour intensity and quality at 37.5%.

Limbeck Gin

On its own
Nose: Fruity and woody, with bright hints of citrus and coriander, as well as a little spice.
Taste: This is a smooth spirit with plenty of coriander seed and cilantro notes upfront, before some resinous, piney juniper and dry, floral spice and wood notes. The finish that follow is dry.

Gin & Tonic
Very bright and fruity, with plenty of lime, coriander, and spice. There is some sweetness to the drink, but it’s really rather refreshing.

Bright lime, coriander, and floral notes upfront, before a juicy citrus finish. The zestiness make the drink perfect for the cocktail hour.

Very fruity, floral, and perfumed. There are some pleasant confectionery elements that come through, too, alongside luscious berry notes and floral lavender. This is unlike any other Negroni I have ever tried – and I’ve tried them with over 300 different gins! Unique.