Cocktails with… Douglas Fir Gin

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with gin will be familiar with the connection between the spirit and the word “dry”. It is likely that this came about to distinguish a spirit from the opposite – in this case, “sweet” gin such as some Old Tom Gins – but, linguistically, the opposite of dry is also wet. Until recently, this was a label that had only been embraced by Beefeater Wet, but today’s gin is also described on the distillery website as “wet by definition”; the gin is Bainbridge Heritage Distillers Organic Douglas Fir Gin, which is bottled at 45.0%ABV.

Doug Fir Gin

This gin is made using American Wheat and a mix of 10 botanicals:
2 types of citrus
Fennel Seed
Douglas Fir

The Taste

On its own
Nose: Vanilla, a light hint of cider vinegar and juniper.
Taste: This is a soft and well-rounded spirit with cinnamon and ginger upfront, before a gradually building chorus of juniper and vivid pine – all that you would imagine from a Douglas Fir Gin. Superb.

Gin & Tonic
A rich and silky drink – almost sappy in places – with complex flavours of pine and fir: juniper berries, pine needles, and pine cones. There are then some woody notes, a touch of cedar, and some warm spice such as cassia, anise, and fennel. Lovely.

A rather tasty mix of spiced vanilla and pine. Clean and very crisp, this has a simple, but pleasant flavour and a long, dry spice finish.

A warm, cosy nose with hints of spiced pear. The cinnamon really comes through, mixed in with fresh, bursting juniper berries; although the bitterness from the Campari is curbed slightly, this is a really good drink and I could happily sip a number of these over an evening. Tip top.

In Conclusion
Douglas Fir Gin is really excellent and whilst it veers away from the classic dry style, the inclusion of the fir means that there are still plenty of rich, green, piney notes that will appeal to traditionalists. It is a gin that works well, both when served on its own and in cocktails, but, personally, I would prefer to just sip and enjoy the spirit unadulterated.