Cocktails with… Dead Governor’s Gin

Today’s gin is made by Great Northern Distillery in Middle Swan, Western Australia, which is primarily a rum distillery. Their website suggests that their gin recipe comes from a scribbled note on the back of an old family birth certificate. Released on 29th May 2014, the gin is bottled at 37.1% ABV and, as such, it cannot legally be sold as a “gin” in the European Union or United States (where there are minimum strengths of 37.5% ABV and 40.0% ABV, respectively).


The Taste

On its own
Nose: Pine and spice. Light, but with a depth that is initially hidden.
Taste: This has a notably full mouthfeel: plump and interesting. The flavour profile is light, but the flavours build: there is coriander upfront, as well as some creamy vanilla and a touch of spice, followed by a dry finish.

Gin & Tonic
Quite light, but, with plenty of lemon and ice, this makes a refreshing drink. Nonetheless, I would have liked a little more of the gin’s character to come through.

Very clean and vodka-like, this cocktail is a little lacking in complexity and flavour, making it a tad disappointing. It is a pleasant drink, but not a great Gin Martini.

Fresh, leafy, and crisp, with plenty of sweetness from the vermouth and bitterness from the Campari. This is a lighter-than-usual Negroni, which would make it a perfect example for beginners to the drink.

In Conclusion
Dead Governors Gin is a lighter option, both in terms of flavour intensity and ABV. I liked the Negroni and the spirit itself had a good mouthfeel, although it lacks the complexity to be sipped alone.