Sipsmith Autumn Cocktails with Recipes for Ginger, Oat, Berry and Pumpkin Gin!

L:R Oat, Cranberry & Blueberry, Ginger, Pumpkin Flavoured Sipsmith Gin

L:R Oat, Cranberry & Blueberry, Ginger, Pumpkin Flavoured Sipsmith Gin

At SummerFruitCup we love a good bit of experimentation and occasionally we dabble with flavouring gin, so far we’ve tried making a variety so far including Apple, Raisin even Turkish Delight. The issue with flavouring gin as a opposed to vodka is that the gin has a more complex taste and so sometimes when adding another flavour you can mask the character of the spirit, even to the extent that you’d never guess it was gin; now, that really would be a shame.

The way to get round this is to use a strong Juniper-driven gin, I quite like using Sipsmith for this purpose and Sipsmith themselves have a similar philosophy with their Sloe Gin.

I decided to make four autumnal flavour gins for my cocktail; Oat, Ginger, Blueberry & Cranberry and Pumpkin. Recipes for these flavoured Gins can be found at the bottom of the article.


The Cocktails


#1 Ginger Gimlet
[50ml Sipsmith Ginger Gin 25ml Rose’s Lime Cordial]
The usual blend of crisp citrus and dry gin that you’d expect from a Gimlet but with a warming ginger burst in the middle which returns to linger on the finish. The ginger lightly brings out the more bitter herbal notes of the gin, which is actually quite pleasant. This is a Gimlet that will warm the cockles.

#2 September Sling
[35ml Sipsmith Blueberry & Cranberry Gin, 15ml Lemon Juice, 10ml Sugar Syrup 100ml Soda Water]
A very simple drink and perfect for the death throws of summer (or the odd September Heatwave!) The cranberry/juniper mix makes it long, dry cool and very refreshing. Not really much more to say, it’s simply delicious.

#3 Harvest Cocktail
[15ml Sipsmith Oat Gin 5ml Sipsmith Ginger Gin 10ml Lemon Juice 60ml Hot Water]
A hot cocktail, very warming and comforting a bit like a ginger oatmeal cookie. Pleasant buttery oatiness, sweet rich honey, fire of ginger with the tart citrus off setting the sweet/rich flavours.
This is really, really nice.

#4 Very Berry Bramble
The Bramble is already a rather autumnal drink, but this one uses the Cranberry Blueberry gin instead of Dry Gin and uses honey syrup instead of sugar syrup. Slight almond notes from the blueberry with dryness from the cranberry which works well with the juniper-citrus dryness of the gin. The honey gives the drink a  sweet, warming lift. Juicy, jammy and very tasty.

#5 Smashing Pumpkin
[50ml Pumpking Gin, 25ml Soda Water, 10ml Sugar Syrup – Twist of Lemon]
A Pumpkin Gin Smash quite sweet and quite rich, not 100% sure that the lemon twist works but other than that rather nice. Certainly a drink with potential, the rich buttery flavours of the pumpkin come through. I think a squeeze of a cranberry over the top would be a good addition and using honey rather than sugar would also improve the drink.

#6 Autumn Days*
[5ml Creme de Mure, 10ml Sipsmith Oat Gin 15ml Sipsmith Pumpkin Gin, Top up with Sparkling Apple Juice. (For an extra punch you could use sparkling cider but that would be quite a drink.)]

A drink with a little more festive fizz, the apple adds an extra layer to the autumnal flavour the fleshy fruitiness of the Pumpkin comes through as does the warm oaty gin. The Mure adds a touch of sweetness and blends well with the apple on the finish.
It interesting that the pumpkin seems at it’s strongest once you’ve finished the drink.
Variations: Ginger Ale, Sparkling Wine or Champagne instead of apple juice.

In Conclusion
This was really good fun to write and create and thanks to Sipsmith for their ongoing help and support. I recommend experimenting with your own flavoured gins (see below for inspiration). Our favourite cocktails were the September Sling, Harvest Cocktail and Smashing Pumpkin, but in a rare case, it was hard to choose.

Sipsmith have got a plethora of shenanigans and talks at the their Hammersmith Distillery during London Cocktail Week, click here to find out more.



When making flavoured spirit/liqueurs/syrups at home it is important to taste your concoctions along the way and adjust the taste as necessary.
Fresh ingredients will vary as will personal preference for intensity of certain flavours, levels of sweetness and sourness.
Below are the basics but you need to use you palette too.

Ginger Gin
Add 2cm of root ginger (chopped) to a clean jam jar for every 100ml of Gin.  Leaved for 3 days or to taste.
(Optional) Sweeten with a little sugar and ensure that it is fully dissolved.
Strain and bottle.

Strong fresh ginger nose, smooth yet fiery, the warm ginger grows and develops as the flavours of the gin does. Juniper and citrus still prevalent.

Blueberry and Cranberry Gin
Add 10 Blueberries 5 Cranberries for every 100ml of Gin. Prick the berries with a cocktail stick. Leave for a week, or to taste.
(Optional) Sweeten with a little sugar and ensure that it is fully dissolved.
Strain and bottle.

Pumpkin Gin
Add a cupful of Pumpkin flesh for every 100ml of Gin. Prick the berries with a cocktail stick. Leave for at least 2  weeks, or to taste.

(Optional) Sweeten with a little sugar and ensure that it is fully dissolved.
Strain and bottle.

Oat Gin
Add a tablespoon of Dry Porrige Oats to every 100ml of Gin. Leave for 3 days. Fine strain and then bottle.

*Named after a popular song sung in British Primary Schools around this time of the year (or at least it was when I was there)