Cordial Médoc – Raiders of The Lost Cocktail Cabinet

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a Raiders of the Lost Cocktail Cabinet, but I thought that this week’s featured ingredient deserved a post, especially as it appears to be on the cusp on vanishing for good; I’m talking about Cordial Medoc.
This was a brandy-based liqueur from the Médoc region on the West Coast of France, just north of Bordeaux. In addition to the brandy, a variety of fruit, spice and sugars were added. According to the, it was once held in “extremely high regard”. Here are my thoughts.

#1) Own
Very smooth initially, followed by some gradually building warmth. It had a grape nose with a little burnt sugar and then some fruity jamminess and herbal elements. It was relatively sweet and a bit syrupy at the end, reminding me a little of a Wisconsin-style Brandy Old-fashioned.
On a second tasting, the complexity of the underlying spirit seems to come through a lot more.
On a third tasting, a bit more honey came out and there was a slight resemblance to Drambuie.
#2) Lotus Blossom
Shake with ice and strain
1/3 dry gin 1/3 Cordial Medoc  1/6 French vermouth  1/6 fresh orange juice
Quite pleasant; you can easily appreciate each of the ingredients in this drink. Initially, I got the flavour of the Medoc, followed by the herbal dry vermouth, the fresh orange juice and a long, fine juniper finish from the Gin (I Used Hereford Dry).
#3) Montigni
Shake in an iced cocktail shaker & strain
3/4 oz Cordial Medoc 3/4 oz cream 1/2 oz Cognac 1/2 oz orange curacao
Delicious, like a top-notch cream liqueur. There were some chocolate notes, which are perfectly mixed with the fruit from the Medoc, coming across like chocolate-covered strawberries. Exceptionally smooth, but full of flavour. Simply superb.

#4) Flying Fish Cocktail
Stir in a mixing glass with ice & strain
1 3/4 oz gin  3/4 oz Cordial Medoc  1/4 oz maraschino liqueur  1 dash peach bitters*
Sweet and floral and rather tasty. Rather cordial-like, I think this would make a rather pleasant after-dinner drink. Smooth, the Gin stops it from being too sweet and sickly. Once again, there is a slight Drambuie-like character to this.


#5) Katinka Cocktail
Stir in a mixing glass with ice & strain
1 1/2 oz gin  1/2 oz Cordial Medoc  1/2 oz green Chartreuse  1 dash Angostura bitters
A dry and herbaceous cocktail, with some fruity elements, some syrupy sweetness and then a menthol bitter twang at the end. This was a complex drink and rather bracing, but boy, does it make you hungry! (It would make a fine aperitif).
#6) Cordial Midoc Sour
Shake in iced cocktail shaker & strain
1 1/2 oz Cordial Medoc  1 oz fresh lemon juice  Add orange slice, cherry
Very tasty, being smooth, with a rich sweetness that starkly contrasts with the fresh, crisp lemon juice. An invigorating way to enjoy the cordial.
*The bottle of Peach bitters was kindly loaned to me by Mr. Hartley of The Candlelight Club.
Special thanks to, where I found most of these cocktail recipes.