Cocktails with… Le Tribute Gin

Le Tribute is produced by Destilierias MG, which is a family-run distillery that was founded in 1835. The distillery is located in Vilanova, a village in Catalonia around 30 miles west of Barcelona.

The gin, bottled at 43% ABV, is made by individually distilling botanicals and blending the distillates together.

The following botanicals are distilled with wheat spirit:

Pink & Green Grapefruit
Sweet & Bitter Oranges

Also lemongrass, which is usually distilled with water, rather than alcohol. This is because the flavours and aromas are soluble in water; water also helps to keep the fresh character of the botanical.

Le Tribute Gin Bottle FINAL

On its own
Nose: A wide array of citrus notes: lime, lemon, orange and then the blossom of tangerine or mandarin intermingled with a touch of vanilla.
Taste: A clean and smooth spirit with a finely tuned character and delightful citrus notes: this has a complex symphony of flavours, but the citrus does not overpower the other botanical notes such as juniper, coriander or angelica. This is a superb example of how a gin can be taken in a new, contemporary direction without losing the core of what gin is about.

Le Tribute Gin with Le Tribute Tonic
So vibrant, so fresh, so citrusy – this drink is so bright and exciting that there is really no need for a garnish at all. It is as if the gin has a “built in garnish”, it is that flavoursome. A succulent and refreshing Gin & Tonic with subtle spiced notes and no cloying finish at the end. Simply sublime!

Gin & Tonic
This makes a zesty and crisp Gin & Tonic, even when paired with a more basic tonic water than the one specifically designed for the gin. This pairing is not as a good as the bespoke one, but is nonetheless very good, with lots of lingering, but refreshing citrus notes.

Le Tribute GinTonic FINAL

A beautifully fresh and zesty Martini: crisp and invigorating flavours of lemon, lime and orange, before a lightly floral note of pine blossom with a hint of plum-like jamminess at the end. Rich, intriguing and rather yummy.

A delightful Negroni: the complex array of flavours in the gin really lifts the drink, giving it a real liveliness, whilst the sweet, floral jammy notes like those of kumquat and tangerine add a fruitiness that takes the edge off of the bitter Campari. A lovely drink to sip on a terrace before dinner.

With Cola
This is one of the best Gin & Colas that I have ever had: the bright citrus notes are brought forward, giving the drink a beautiful vibrancy, full of lively zesty notes and a crisp, clean finish. Exceptionally refreshing – a must try!

Le Tribute Tonic Bottle FINAL

The Le Tribute tonic water bottles, just as attractive as the gin bottle.

In general we don’t talk too much about packaging on here, but with Le Tribute, the beauty of the bottle has to mentioned, although it largely speaks for itself. It might sound bizarre, but it’s a real joy to pour from this bottle and have it beside you as you sip. Everything is high quality, especially the copper-look cap. What is really exciting, though, is that the quality of the spirit inside the bottle is as good as the quality of the bottle.

In Conclusion
I think that La Tribute is superb gin – one of the best I’ve tried in the last 12 months. It has a great brightness and zest; whilst being packed full of citrus is remains balanced enough to be easily discernible as a gin. All of the drinks were superb, but I think the Gin & Tonic was my favourite.


Cocktails with… Chase Eureka Gin

Citrus and gin are a natural match, so it is perhaps surprising that we don’t see more citrus gins, especially given how popular they once were. Chase Distillery released one in 2015, which was limited to just 1,000 bottles. It is based on Chase Naked Apple with extra Lemon, Lime, Ornage and Pink Grapefruit.

Chase Eureka Gin

On its own
Nose: Bright, but not overpowering citrus in a medley of lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit notes. There are some hints of spice, too.
Taste: Dry upfront, before the citrus notes come through. There is a little oiliness from the start, with notes of vanilla, lime, and the darker flavours of orange and light citrus blossom. This has a smooth and silky texture, followed by a long, dry finish.

Gin & Tonic
This is a light and bright Gin & Tonic. The citrus nature of the gin makes it an obvious candidate to mix with tonic, and it does not disappoint. No garnish is necessary.

Lively, with a variety of citrus: lemon, lime, and orange. The bright vibrance is an excellent quality for a Martini and makes this a refreshing pre-dinner cocktail.

A solid Negroni and, whilst the zesty citrus comes through, it does not dominate, so there is still space for your choice of garnish, whether it be a slice of orange, pink grapefruit, or blood orange.

In Conclusion
I was pleasantly surprised by the subtleties of this gin. Many citrus-flavoured spirits go overboard, but – thankfully – Chase Eureka does not. The result is a bright and vibrant spirit that still tastes like gin, but also has a lavish flourish of citrus that makes it perfect for long drinks. As such, my favourite drink was the Gin & Tonic.

Cocktails with… Hotel Chocolat’s Cocoa Gin

There are flavoured gins and cordial gins, the first being a spirit with a bold secondary flavour (after juniper), and the second being a sort of gin liqueur. Today’s review is of Hotel Chocolat’s Cocoa Gin. I am always a bit wary of such products (another example being the Earthworm Gin); little information is often provided on the product and they come in unusually small and expensive bottlings.

Hotel Chocolat’s Cocoa Gin is described as, “Small batch artisan gin infused with cocoa shells”. The back label states that it is “A classically cool and crisp English Dry infused with the flavours of our St. Lucian cocoa estate – Roasted cocoa shells, crushed macadamia nuts and lemon zest with juniper, coriander, minneola, and angelica.”

Cocoa Gin

The term “infused” is interesting, as the gin tastes like a distilled product. My guess is that it may be a blend of distillates or distilled via a vapour infusion basket. It is bottled at 42% ABV.

On its own
Nose: Lots of citrus – coriander, and some orange or mandarin notes – as well as a dark, nutty chocolate.
Taste: This is a gentle spirit bursting with a pool of citrus oil; unusual, but not unpleasant. The chocolate is quite subtle, but gradually builds after a few sips, along with some slightly buttery, nutty notes. This is a very contemporary style of gin, with strong notes of floral citrus and coriander.

Gin & Tonic
Nuts and chocolate on the nose, but a very citrusy taste. This may be a bit “out there” for many gin fans (there isn’t much juniper, for example), but it is nevertheless quite refreshing.

Lots of citrus with some dry chocolate notes, too, and a nutty finish. This is certainly a contemporary Martini, but still a very tasty one.

Fragrant coriander and citrus mix with dry cocoa on the nose. It has a fragrant and juicy flavour, with a strong bitter-dry finish. There is a real “POW!” to this drink, but it is more perfumed than a more traditional Negroni, and far more zesty, too.

In Conclusion
Cocoa Gin is a very contemporary style of gin, but has a complex and intense flavour and stands up well to use in mixed drinks. I think the gin itself was very good although it could perhaps have a heavier chocolate focus and so fans of cocoa may be disappointed, fans of gin however will likely be delighted with the spirit. My favourite was the Martini.