Cocktails with… Chancery Dry Gin


Returning home from our trip to the USA, I stopped by Tesco to try a gin that a few people have been talking about recently: Chancery London Dry Gin. Bottled at 43% ABV, this gin is exclusively available in Tesco.

As far as I can tell, this is a high-end own-label offering from the supermarket chain and is made by Greenall’s.

It is made from 100% pure grain (neutral grain spirit, or NGS), is distilled five times and is made using nine botanicals, which the bottle describes as providing “juniper, citrus and earthy notes”.

Chnacery Gin Bottle

The gin is packaged in a purple-grey glass bottle (the liquid itself is clear) with a London Underground-style logo housing the text on the front.

 1) On its own

Nose: Juniper and citrus.

Taste: Quite clean, with citrus and zesty coriander upfront, followed by juniper and then some more earthy notes of angelica root. This is very classic in style: dry, with plenty of juniper and a long, dry finish. There’s a little spice in the middle, too. With its bold flavours, I thought this was rather good.

 2) Gin & Tonic

Good, with lots of juniper and citrus, making for a refreshing drink with a dry, bitter, earthy finish. Lemon would be my recommended garnish, or perhaps Evans style (lemon and lime).

3) Martini

Quite pleasant, cool and crisp, with some warmth towards the end. A lemon twist would be the garnish of the day. Again, this is very classic and satisfying to drink. Lovely and one for the Martini traditionalist who doesn’t like their drink messed about with.

 4) Negroni

Pretty good flavour: long and bitter-sweet. Bold juniper, citrus and lots of herbal notes. This is a very solid example of the drink and one for its fans; although nothing extraordinary, I would say that it’s a good standard.

In Conclusion

Chancery London Dry Gin is a classic gin with bold, but balanced flavours. It’s a good standard gin and mixes quite well, but doesn’t really stand out and there are better gins that are available for a similar price (Hayman’s London Dry Gin) or even less (Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell).

Chancery London Dry Gin is available for around £17 for 70cl from Tesco.