Cocktails with… Cutlers Gin

Today’s gin is from California, a powerhouse of American craft distilling. It is made by Cutler’s Artisan Spirits, which is based in Santa Barbara. In addition to their gin, they make a vodka, 33 Bourbon, Silver Whiskey, and Apple Pie Liqueur.

Cutlers Gin FINAL

Bottled at 46.0% ABV, Cutler’s Dry Gin is made using a botanical that includes:
Californian Citrus

The Taste

On its own
Nose: Very zesty, with lemon, citrus, vanilla, and spice.
Taste: Cardamom spice and citrus, followed by juniper and angelica. This is a warm spirit, but is by no means unrefined, and has a long, citrus finish.

Gin & Tonic
The flavour is full of citrus: lemon and lime; very fresh, with just a hint of cardamom spice. All in all, this is a lovely, refreshing drink that is full of personality.

This cocktail is a flavoursome drink, with lots of bold citrus. This is a great way to enjoy the strong citrus nature of the gin and no garnish is needed. Just superb!

A vibrant and citrusy Negroni with bright cardamom as well. The gin’s flavour stands up well to the other ingredients and complements them, too, resulting in a pleasantly harmonious drink that is rounded off by a moderately bitter finish.

In Conclusion
Cutler’s Dry Gin is a lovely spirit; it has good balance and a complex character, with an excellent interplay between citrus, spice, and juniper. My favourite drink was the Gin & Tonic.