Cocktails with… BLOOM Gin – Pick Your Own Strawberries!

Bloom was created by Joanne Moore, the Master Distiller at Greenall’s Distillery, after she had spent several years as the custodian of the Original 1761 Greenall’s Gin. Largely inspired by her love of gardening, Bloom contains a number of floral botanicals, such as honeysuckle, pomelo and chamomile.

On its own
Nose: Sweet juniper, followed by ripe citrus notes, all of which are surrounded by a light floral air.
Taste: Very, very smooth initially, then flavours of coriander, orange peel and orange blossom develop, all of which were both fruity and floral. It had a long finish of honey and chamomile. Light, but tasty.

Gin & Tonic
Fresh and exceptionally crisp. Smooth, fruity and with a very light, floral lift towards the end. Works well with Schweppes and even better with Fevertree. With the addition of strawberries, the luscious, fruity notes of the drink are accentuated, as well as a touch of sweet, jammy creaminess.

This was a smooth Martini, with a strong note of juniper and hints of sweet liquorice and star anise. After a moment, there was a little citrus spiciness from the coriander, and a floral and slightly sweet finish.

This started off as any normal Negroni would, but had a lovely lift at the end. Floral notes, as well as those of vanilla and chocolate, were followed by a more subtle bitterness.

Gin Tonica
[40ml Bloom, 100ml Fevertree Tonic. Garnish with strawberry, lime & chamomile flowers.]
Rich, flavourful, cooling, refreshing. Sweet, fresh scent from the strawberries gives it a touch of summer. Lime gives it a little zestiness and the dried camomile gives a faint, delicate floral note, which accentuates the camomile in the gin. Large volume of ice keeps it nice and cold. A drink that is as tasty as it is visually impressive.

Rosé Martini
With a 4:1 ratio this drink utilises the new Lillet Rosé.
This cocktail was a very light pink in colour and the fruity notes came through more, but in a drier style, as opposed to the succulent fruity sweetness of some of the other drinks. There was also a touch of poppy seed on the finish. Altogether, this made a rather summery Martini and the Rosé Lillet and Bloom Gin are a good match.

Pick Your Own strawberries with Bloom Gin! (2012)

From Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th July 2012, between 12:00-20:00, visitors to Bloom Gin’s pop-up Strawberry Farm in Beak Street, Soho will be able to pick their own fruit and then enjoy a Bloom Gin & Tonic garnished with their haul.

Bloom Gin will be supporting their local farms across the country in association with the National Farmer’s Union by rallying the public to join in, in this one-off Pick Your Own experience.

Bloom Gin Pick Your Own Strawberries

47 Beak Street, W1F 9SE

12pm – 8pm

Wednesday 11 July – Friday 13 July 2012

For more details, check out the Bloom Gin Facebook group.