Old Sixteen Rum – A Crodino & Bacardi Lemon Cocktail

The Old Sixteen Rum is a variation on the Sixteen Rum. The original cocktail name apparently comes from a Count in Piedmont who served this drink to attract young and fashionable guests to his home. The cocktail then became popular with the elite and the more sophisticated circles of Italy, especially at receptions and parties. It is said that the drink is offered as a token of esteem and as a wish of success to guests (mainly in the field of love).

Today’s cocktail is a variation using Bacardi Limon and a 5yr Old Martini Rosso

25ml Martini Rosso 5yr Old
(I didn’t have any of this so I used normal Martini Rosso with a dash of Antica Formula)
100ml Crodino
25ml Bacardi Limon
Lemon Wedge, squeezed

The Taste

Very pleasant, the lemon bacardi makes a fresher, more furity drink and the Martini continues to add a complex herbal note with the dash of Antica bringing some deeper, more bitter notes. As before the balance between the Crodino, Bacardi Lemon and vermouth is spot on but this time there is even more flavour is even more intense.

Apparently this variation is popular at reunions of old friends and is thought to bring back memories of good times past. It also goes very well with a cigar.