Cocktails with… The Botanicals Gin

Gin is popular in Spain – very popular – and gin made in the UK is seen as being particularly prestigious, although there are some excellent gin produced in Spain itself. Brands such as Knockeen Hills and Brokers enjoy great success in Spain and there are even a number of brands that are produced in the UK for the Spanish market, but not actually sold here.

One such brand is the focus of today’s article: The Botanicals, which is made at Langley Distillery and contains 14 botanicals. It is bottled at 42.5% ABV.

On its own
Nose: Sweet, creamy orange, like Triple Sec.
Taste: Very fruity, with sweet orange, vanilla and a touch of anise. Very smooth and quite unusual, but rather nice.

Gin & Tonic
Lots of citrus on the nose leads you into a smooth, yet zesty Gin & Tonic. With primary flavours of juniper and orange, this is fresh, juicy and vibrant.

Quite sweet, with floral notes and, again, a good deal of orange. I would say that this is more of a citrus Martini than a Classic one and works rather well with a twist of pink grapefruit peel.

Again, this was quite sweet, with a good burst of orange. It reminds me of the sweetness of Crodino or bottled Campari Soda. That said, it is very, very smooth. If the sweetness is an issue, I’d suggest adding a dash of lemon juice to maintain the cocktail’s balance.

Sweet Martini
This made a complex and intense Sweet Martini that had lots of citrus and bitter, herbal notes; it almost seems one step towards a Negroni, in terms of the bitterness. Deliciously refreshing and rousing to the appetite.

Fruit Cup
A fresh and citrusy Fruit Cup, in which the gin works very well with the herbal vermouth. It is also a little more complex than most gin Fruit Cups, with the flavours of the gin really standing out. Lovely.

In Conclusion
The Botnaical’s Gin is very citrus and thus lends itself well to certian drinks such as the gin and tonic and fruit cup although it’s sweet, which can be used as an asset, needs to be considered when mixing.