The Bowmore Scotch Valentine Competition – Ends Monday 11th!

Please note the change in timings! The competition closes at 11am on Monday 11th February and the Twitter tasting date is on Wednesday 13th February.


Readers of my posts on whisky will know that one of the distilleries that I’m particularly fond of is Bowmore. Most of the expressions remind me somewhat of the sea, given where it’s made and the fact that I’ve taken it along to most of my seaside whisky tastings, so it’s a thoroughly relaxing, contemplative drink that’s close to my heart.

How appropriate, then, that for Valentine’s this year, Bowmore are running a competition during which they are revealing a new expression of their whisky. Two lucky winners will receive invitations to a special Valentine’s “Twitter tasting date” with Master Blender, Rachel Barrie, and thirteen other panelists from the whisky world.

Winners will receive a whisky bouquet (what an excellent idea!) containing three of the classic Bowmore whiskies, plus the exclusive new expression (a work-in-progress, no less), which Rachel will go through via Twitter, using the hashtag #loveBowmore.

The tasting takes place on Wednesday 13th February at 19:00 and you’ve only got until Monday (11th February) at 11am to enter the competition. To do so, enter at the Bowmore Facebook page.

Bowmore Enigma

Bowmore Enigma

One of the Bowmore whiskies that I haven’t written about yet is Enigma, a 12 year old that we picked up in duty free on a trip to France. Designed to reflect the duality of land and sea at the distillery on Islay, Enigma is a lovely, dark gold colour.

Nose: Warm and savoury to start, developing into slightly sweeter notes of sherry and brandy. Rounding off with straw and oatcakes, and a lovely, honeyed peatiness. A lovely, interesting and yet still wonderfully balanced nose.
Taste: A burst of sweet peat, which quickly gives way to a more smoky peatiness. This is followed by lots of neat notes of sherry-soaked wood that develop and change with each sip. The finish is deliciously warm and slightly fruity – that sherry once again making itself known – before a final note that has perplexed me for a little while; I’ve finally concluded that it’s a note of chewy, salted caramel oat cakes.

In Conclusion

Needless to say, Bowmore remains one of my favourite distilleries. I’ll certainly be having a glass of Enigma on Valentine’s Day; with it’s combination of peaty and sherry notes, I think that it’s perfect to share and explore with good friends (or after a romantic dinner!). If you fancy something richer and sweeter, Bowmore Darkest works particularly well alongside chocolate.

– Mrs. B.

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