Cocktails with… Chase Gin

I first came across the Chase drinks company at the 2008 Boutique Bar Show where I tried some of their fruit liqueurs, I was also told that there was a Gin in the pipeline, naturally this intrigued me.
Chase Gin is bottled at 48%ABV and is based on their Apple-spirit Vodka (not Apple flavoured) which is created using Organic Cider apples grown on the Chase farm. Chase Gin contains the following botanicals:
Lemon Peel
Orange Peel
Bramley Apples
In addition to a Gin, Chase also make an array of vodkas including their Potato Base Vodka, voted “Best Vodka in the World 2010” and a selection of fruit liqueurs and even a Sloe Gin.
#1 Own
Nose: juniper, some angelica and some wheaty savoury notes.
Taste: silky and warm but still flavourful, strong juniper and citrus notes.
#2 G&T
A strong G&T both in terms of flavour and ABV once the ice has melted a little, the drink has a wonderful chill which, along with the apple garnish, brings out the crisp freshness of the gin.
#3 Martini
an excellent standard for a Martini, cool crisp but still with a burst of flavour; as you should expect from a Gin Martini. Juniper and Coriander really come through.
#4 Gimlet
An unusually soft Gimlet, and quite smooth although there is a freshness from the lime it doesn’t overpower the gin.Pleasant and easy to drink.#5 John Collins
Cool and refreshing drink, very pleasant but it doesn’t really bring out the best in the gin, which seems a bit lost in the drink.

#6 Aviation
Very very smooth, the Gin is rather understated in this cocktail. This is a great drink but perhaps doesn’t give the Gin the showcasing it deserves.

#7 Old Fashioned
As ever the Gin Old Fashioned is an excellent drink, brings out the flavours of the gin and as they are only complimented by sugar, water and a touch of bitter the full profile of the gin can be appreciated. Truly recommended.

#8 Bramble
Quite a tart Bramble but still pretty tasty. Has all of the cooling freshness you would expect from this drink but the flavours of the gin seem a bit hidden.

#9 Gin Bump
Sadly there seems to be a bit of a clash between the gin and the ginger ale. I don’t think this drink brings out the best in the Gin and I wouldn’t it really recommend it.

#10 Sweet Gin
The addition of sugar syrup brings out some more of the botanicals, turning the Chase Gin into more of a Gin liqueur, the liquorice, elderflower and the faintest hint of apples comes out when the Gin is mixed in this way.

#11 Milano
What a great drink, an often forgotten classic but the lemon juice, Chase gin and herbal Galliano mix really well together, each bringing something different to the drink. Cool, delicious and raising for the appetite.

#12 Pink Gin
Not all Gins work well in a Pink Gin but Chase appears to be one that does; Chase’s botanical mix is relatively low on spices and so the Angostura brings this side of the flavour spectrum to the drink. Soft smooth with a hint of spice at the end. Lovely.

In Conclusion
From the cocktails we’ve tried it seems to me that Chase Gin works best in simple cocktails, with my preference on it being used in, with the exception of the Gin & Tonic, short drinks. Definitely some highlights were the Gin & Tonic, The Martini and the Pink Gin. With the Milano and Gin Old fashioned also being highly recommended.

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