Whisky King – A Whisky Mac with King’s Ginger

On Wednesday, I received my first Met Office warning of ice for the year and, when I went outside to get some lunch, felt the noticeable increase in chill in the air. Ah, the time of hipflasks and toddies is now thoroughly upon us! It’s definitely my favourite time of year.

Needless to say, DTS always enjoys putting together different seasonal drinks and today he took up the challenge of looking at my favourite season. The cocktail he put together featured two products that we’ve been enjoying recently: a new (to me) Scotch Blend called Kuchh Nai and The King’s Ginger, a ginger liqueur that DTS has taken to adding to his hipflask.*

ScotchandKingsThe cocktail came to me as a complete surprise, so I had no idea what was in it, but here’s what I thought.
Nose: Malty and ever so slightly hoppy, with hints of dense, cakey gingerbread.
Taste: Very smooth, indeed. There’s an initial burst of woodiness that’s followed by a powerful hit of ginger and herbs, accompanied by an intense shot of sweetness. The sweetness subsides, fading into a bready ginger note and that of the creamy chocolate filling you might get sandwiched between two biscuits or in a chocolate Nutrigrain bar. The finish is different again: long, lingering and dry, with hints of lemon, but mainly white wood.
I have to say, I rather liked the juxtaposition of that intense, chocolately-ginger sweetness and the long, dry finish, which made the drink seem almost playful. Altogether, this was a deliciously warming cocktail, making it a perfect tipple for the newly cooler evenings.

– Mrs. B.

* DBS, when it comes to hipflasks is a creature of habit, in the summer it is always Tuaca (a vanilla-herbal liqueur) and in the winter, Calvados. However he has taken a shine to adding a nip of King’s Ginger to his Calvados (about 10-20%) and now declares this the “ultimate in winter flaskmanship”. Indeed.

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