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I’ve written a fair bit about Gin Tonicas and am quite keen on this very different way of serving the traditional Gin & Tonic. My enthusiasm is also shared by Bombay Sapphire, who held an event for the Jubilee and have also been running a free glassware promotion.

The Gin Tonica uses a balloon glass, plenty of ice and – usually – rather outlandish garnishes. Up until now, one of the issues with making them at home would be the need to have these outlandish garnishes readily available at home; how many of you regularly have rose petals on hand, for instance?

Well, perhaps the answer can be found over in the home of the Gin Tonica, Spain. Infusgintonic have come up with some nifty little flavour or infusion bags. They look very much like teabags and contain various mixes of dried fruit, flowers and spices. You steep them in the gin for a minute or two, before adding your tonic, and, as a result, you get the flavours you would gain from an elaborate garnish without the preparation and expense.

Here is an illustration:

There are ten flavours of bags, each designed to complement different types of gin. I decided to try each of them out.

#1) Beso de Frutas with Cool Gin
(“Kiss of fruit” – Blackcurrants, blackberries, redcurrants, strawberries and raspberries)

The gin has berry notes anyway and the infusion bag adds even more, both in terms of scent, sight and taste. It also adds a lot of berry flavours without sweetening the drink. Fruity and refreshing.

Other gins recommended: Brockman’s, Fifty Pounds, Monkey 47


#2) Brisa de Trafalgar with GinSelf
(“Breeze of Trafalgar” – Lemon peel, orange peel and pieces of orange)

This made an exceptionally citrusy Gin Tonica with plenty of orange to match the 6 citrc botanicals in the gin; it was as if the flavour of these zesty fruits had been turned up to 11. Pink grapefruit and orange blossom come through in particular. This is a very intense drink that complements the gin well and results in a refreshing, dry beverage that would be great to sip before dinner.

Other gins recommended: Beefeater, Beefeater 24, 6 O’Clock

#3) Ragos Árabes with Tanqueray 10
(“Arab Traits” – Apple, cinnamon and almonds)

Wow! Just great – this really illustrates the value of the infusion bags. The apple and cinnamon contrast, yet complement the gin’s dry citrus notes rather well to make an unexpected, but superb drink. It would be difficult to get this flavour any other way. Very good, indeed.

Other gins recommended: Port of Dragons Pure, William Chase, Ish



#4) Classic Gin-tonic with Bombay Sapphire
(“Classic Gin & Tonic” – Lemon peel and juniper berries)

Undoubtedly, the impact of this bag is more subtle than some of the others, but what it does do is add some extra gin fragrances and some extra juniper and citrus to the taste. The finish also seems dryer and is longer than usual, intensifying the flavour. Definitely one for the traditionalists.

Other gins recommended: Zuidam, Jodhpur, Fifty Pounds

#5) Fruta Refrescante with Bulldog Gin
(“Refreshing Fruit” – Strawberry and mint)

The bag adds some lively freshness to the gin and the mint and strawberry work well with the dry fruitiness of Bulldog. A rather pleasant drink with this variety having a faint bit of potential for other gins.

Other gins recommended: Blackwoods, River Rose, Brockmans


#6) Sabor a Azahar with Sacred Gin
(“Taste of Orange Blossom” – Strawberry, orange and orange blossom)

Jammy and fruity notes from the bag works well with the juniper and spice of Sacred. This is a good example of how the bag can modify, but also complement the flavour profile of a gin.

Other gins recommended: Brokers, No:209, Pink47


#7) Sueño Andalusi with Port of Dragons Floral
(“Andalusia dream” – Roses and orange peel (floral))

This has a refreshing amount of cardamom, making for a very crisp and floral Gin Tonica. The citrus and rose excentuates these elements of the gin. Very good and Spanish in style.

Other gins recommended: Bloom, G’Vine Flouraison, The Botanist

#8) Pasión Afrodisiaca with Whitley Neill
(“Aphrodisiac passion” – Ginger, cinnamon, pineapple, coconut, mango, papaya and tangerine peel (Cocktail gin))

A rather exotic drink with complex fruit and floral flavours, quite exciting and the amour quality does some how seem to be captured. Most interesting.

Other gins recommended: G’Vine, Ish, Mombassa



#9) Angélica Gin with Millers
(“Angelica Gin” – Juniper, angelica and liquorice)

Very fragrant nose of angelica and citrus: the angelica infusion really pays well off of the fresh cucumber notes of the gin and adds a slight sweetness, but also a crisp, vegetal note reminiscent of celery and liquorice root. This intensifies the gin without taking away from the overall balance, making a very interesting drink that improves even as you continue drinking it.

Other gins recommended: Seagram’s, Geranium, Oxley

#10) Caricia Prohibida with Plymouth
(“Forbidden Caress” – Flower vine, grapes, orange, tangerine and lemon peels)

Lots of lemon, with some floral notes and juicy grapes, too, which all work well with the spicy notes of Plymouth and the slight sweetness of the spirit. Lively notes of lemon sherbet are prominent.

Other gins recommended: No:3, South, Beefeater 24



In Conclusion
From my evangelism of  various Thomas Henry products it is pretty clear that I am rather a fan of Gin & Tonic innovation and I think that the Infugintonic are excellent.They solve a problem and contribute a good amount of flavour to the gin without overpowering the spirits’ characters.

My favourite flavours were “Angelica” and “Ragos Árabes”; the latter, I’d really like to try with rum or brandy, too.
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