Ginger Grouse – the new alcoholic ginger beer – with Famous Grouse Scotch!

I’m trying something a little different today; indeed, a beverage usually enjoyed more readily by DTS: ginger beer. There is a reason why I’m writing about it, though, and that’s because it’s got a dash or two of The Famous Grouse whisky in it. This is Ginger Grouse – a 500ml bottle of alcoholic ginger beer that’s bottled at 4%ABV.

On its own (chilled)
Nose: What I’d expect from any good ginger beer: mostly warm ginger, with hints of sweet butter.
Taste: Whilst not overly or forcibly bubbly, lots of small bubbles do rush over your tongue initially. The flavour is then light and refreshing, with notes of citrus – both lemon and lime, and both buttery and creamy, reminding me of lemon tart and key lime pie. The whisky is subtle, but present from the outset, adding a very light woodiness that reminds me of a Whisky & Ginger; the main difference being the stronger, more fiery notes of ginger on the finish that gradually build up as you drink more. All in all, this is tasty, refreshing, and very easy to drink.

Over ice
The lower temperature seems to highlight the more buttery notes (reminiscent of some other, cool ginger beers), along with the lemon and lime notes. Unfortunately, it generally seemed a less balanced, with these flavours being stronger and the finish being weaker and a little watery. I’d definitely just keep this chilled.

Over ice with a slice of lime (the bottle’s serving suggestion)
The lime is prominent and makes this a more fruity drink, but there’s also more of a contrast between the savoury acidity of the fruit and the butter notes of the ginger beer. This battle of flavours hides all traces of the whisky, so this is easily my least favourite way of serving Ginger Grouse.

In Conclusion
I like the range and variety of the Famous Grouse product line, even if I don’t like all of the products themselves*, but – fortunately – I do like this one. Whilst it didn’t bowl me over, it’s light and refreshing, with a hint of whisky and a medium level of fiery ginger on the finish, making it better for quenching your thirst, in my opinion, than many other alcoholic ginger beers. Just make sure not to dilute it too much with ice or mask the flavours with any citrus – it’s perfectly fine on its own.

– Mrs. B.

Ginger Grouse is available from Tesco for around £2 for 500ml.

* We’ve written about a few: The Famous Grouse Spice, The Famous Jubilee, and a range of their more readily-available whiskies.

** Ingredients – Carbonated water, Sugar, Alcohol (spirit-based 70%, blended Scotch Whisky 30%), Natural flavourings, citric Acid E330, Caramel E150, Preservatives (sodium benzoate E211, potassium sorbate E202)


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