Benedictine Roadtrip – Cocktails from Day #1

N.B. I am away from my editor an usual computer for apologies for any typing/spelling errors in advance.

Regular readers must ow know we are partial to a little field trip at SummerFruitCup and at present I have the pleasure of typing this whilst overlooking Fécamp Harbour waiting for the sunrise and watching all the folk go for their early morning run with their dogs. I’ve just seen an early-morning roller-blader too.

Why Fécamp?

Well I’m here at the kind invitation of Benedictine (whose home is Fécamp) and after our welcome dinner last night (which was simply superb) we shall be off to the distillery today.

In the meantime I wanted to share with you two cocktails I have tried since I have been here.

The BIG Ben Cocktail

#1 BIG Ben

[50ml Benedictine 150-200ml of Tonic Water, Ice and Garnish with a lime.]

Naturally I am a big fan of gin and tonic but this was a superb alternative complex with a bitter-sweetness and perfect as a pre-dinner refresher and appetite raiser.

The term Big Ben come from the colloquial term for the clock tower on the Palace of Westminster (British Parliament) in London it is the gin and tonic but this twist uses Bénédicitne and Tonic.

The recommended garnish is lime as this contains more citric acid (relative to its size) and gives the drink more balance. Having tried it when I got back to the UK (see below) I agree.

Benediction Cocktail

#2 Benediction

[25ml Benedictine, 100-125ml of Champagne, Pour into a Champagne Flute, Twist of lemon peel and an optional dash of orange bitters.]

This was our welcome drink at the dinner and formed something of an initial toast for our upcoming excursion. Once again a very tasty beverage with the liqueur and the dry Champagne counterbalancing each other well. The citrus flourish finishes off the drink nicely.

So that was day one and we’ve had a great time so far, met some top notch people and imbibed and feasted on the finer things of Fecamp. I’m looking forward to today.


Big Ben with Lime

Big Ben with Lime


Béné & Hot

You can follow more of our antics on Twitter with the hashtag: #beneontour or #beneroadtrip

Benedictine is available for around £25 for 70cl from The Whisky Exchange and in 50cl bottles at most Supermarkets.

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