Seagram’s Sunday – Gin N Juice – Tropical Thunder

It’s been ten weeks since I started Seagram’s Sunday, and there has been as many reviews of Seagram’s products, but, today, we’ve come to a break (until I find more products to review!). It’s been a great ride so far, though, and there have been some pretty decent products, too.

The subject of this final, pre-break article is Seagram’s Gin & Juice Tropical Thunder. Released in 2007, this is bottled at 17.5% ABV and is described as being:

“A delicious blend of Seagram’s Gin, Fruit Juice, Ginseng and Natural Mango flavours, Certified colours.”

The Taste

Colour: Luminous orange.
Nose: Mango ice-cream.
Taste: Initially, this tastes of mango, but this rather hastily fades into the taste of overripe mango, followed by a note that I can only compare to gastric acid. I’ll leave it there. Another taster described it as “foul” and “the worst thing I have ever tried”.

With ice: Somehow, this was even worse; its most unpleasant aspects were simply amplified, with one taster saying that it reminded them of stale sweat.

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