Singleton of Dufftown 12yr Old Scotch – Father’s Day Special

Around this time every June, I start pondering what to get my wonderful dad for Father’s Day. Since I’ve discovered my love of Scotch whisky – a passion that me & my Dad share – more often than not, his present is in the form of a bottle of something different to try.

If you’re looking for something special, in addition the vast range of bottlings available in the supermarkets and in specialist shops like The Whisky Exchange (where I’m sure they’ll also be very happy to offer some excellent advice, if you need a little inspiration), you might want to consider getting a gift pack. Today, I’m having a look at one from the Dufftown Distillery in Speyside. The pack contains a 70cl bottle of The Singleton Single Malt Whisky and two whisky glasses, all three of which look pretty impressive (I practically had to use two hands to hold one of the glasses).

Singleton is distilled in at the Dufftown distillery in Speyside, well-known for its production of single malts; whisky has been produced at the distillery since 1896. As such, their methods are definitely ones that have been passed down through the ages, and include taking their time when both fermenting their barley and distilling their spirit. After distillation, the whisky is rested in a combination of American and European oak casks and left to mature.

I found the American casks immediately evident on the smooth, sweet nose of rich, polished wood, followed by baked apple and caramel. I could just keeping smelling this nose for ages – there weren’t even the faintest hint of harsh alcohols.

To taste, the whisky was surprisingly savoury, but with a smooth texture. It had lots of rich, woody notes that, nonetheless, had a light, sweet edge to them, making this a rather refreshing whisky. Despite this, the finish was good and warm, and touched with a hint of liquorice. After a while and a little warming up, more fruity elements emerged, like those from rich fruit cake, plus blackberry; but the flavour remained refreshing with a savoury, coffee-like edge.

In Conclusion
This was a wonderful whisky that I would definitely consider a good staple of my drinks cupboard; it has the perfect combination of warmth and freshness, and sweetness and more savoury notes. Most importantly, I know that my dad enjoys it, because we gave him a bottle last year and it’s all disappeared! This gift pack, then, comes highly recommended, all the more if the lucky recipient is fond of a good Speyside whisky.

– Mrs. B.

The Singleton 12yr Old with Glasses Gift Set is available online for around £39 for 70cl  from Selfridges.

The Johnnie Walker Red Tin Giftset is available from Waitrose priced at £15.50 for 70cl.


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