Cocktails with… Cîroc Vodka

2012 sees the 56th BFI London Film Festival and, for the first time, Cîroc Ultra Premium Vodka will become the Official Spirit of the festival. To celebrate the vodka’s patronage of the arts, today’s review will be rather film-orientated, with all of the cocktails having been featured in films.

Cîroc Vodka is made in France and unlike most vodkas, which are made from some sort of grain or potato, Cîroc is made using Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes. These two grape spirits are distilled four times each and are then blended together, before being distilled one final time.

Vodka Tonic
(Saturday Night Fever, Lost in Translation)
[50ml Cîroc Vodka, 120ml Tonic Water, plenty of ice, and a wedge of lemon or lime.]
Clean drink with some citrus almost sherbet lemon elements, refreshing a slice of lime takes away some of the sweetness of the tonic.

Vodka Martini
(Almost, but not quite every, James Bond film)
[50ml Cîroc Vodka, 10ml Dry Vermouth (Noilly Prat or Dolin). Shake with ice and garnish with lemon peel or an olive.]
This made a crisp Martini, but without the edge of those made using some other vodkas. As with the other drinks, Cîroc produced a more mellow, soft and slightly sweeter drink. If you like your Martinis with a bit of bite, then I’d suggest keeping this vodka in the freezer.

(Casino Royale)
[30ml Gordon’s Gin (47.3% ABV), 10ml Cîroc Vodka, 5ml Lillet Black, and 2 drops of Cinchona tincture.]
A Vesper should be clean and crisp and this certainly is but the noticeable difference is the the drink is full, in texture and flavour and little more mellow and laid-back.



(Airplane!, Jackie Brown, Fawlty Towers)
[50ml Cîroc Vodka, 120ml Orange Juice, ICE]
Really rather good, the trick to a good screwdriver is to use freshly squeezed orange juice, it really makes a difference. Fresh juice works better with the flavour of Cîroc vodka too. Simple but, done right, delicious.

Vodka Rocks
(Grosse Pt. Blank)
[50ml Cîroc Vodka, Add to a Thick-based tumbler with a few pieces of large ice]
This was a good way to enjoy the vodka and I was pleased to find that a little ice-melt and dilution doesn’t really take away from the flavour of the spirit. In fact, a little water actually seems to add some complexity to the taste, including some fruity citrus and spiced vanilla.

White Russian
(Big Luboski)
[Cîroc Vodka, Gala Coffee Liqueur, semi-skimmed milk.]
This was creamy to drink, with some sweetness and bitter coffee notes at the end. The Cîroc gives the drink a clean backdrop, allowing the other flavours to be displayed, with a slightly grainy character and a mellowness you wouldn’t get from a budget spirit.

The White Russian

The White Russian

The BFI London Film Festival runs from 10th to 25th October 2012

Cîroc vodka is going to be “the red carpet drink of choice” throughout the festival and will also support event, galas and dinner throughout the festival, providing bars and bespoke cocktails. Some bottles of Cîroc will also be wrapped in specially designed artwork from the films, signed by leading talent and then auctioned at a Cîroc Ultra Premium Vodka collaboration charity event with the BFI.

Cîroc vodka is avaialble for around £41 for 100cl from The Whisky Exchange

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