Cocktails with… Grey Goose Original

The first Premium vodka that I ever tried was Grey Goose and that was many, many years ago, so it’s about time that I got around to reviewing it.

Grey Goose was created in 1997 for the American market and, along with its rival Belvedere,  established a place in that market for high-end vodkas. Anyone who knows even a little about vodka will know that, in the past fifteen years, hundreds of new high-end and rather expensive vodkas have been released, with all sorts of unique selling points and obscure filtration methods.

Grey Goose is made in Cognac, France with French Winter Wheat (Class 1, bread quality) from the Picardy region and Gensac spring water.

Since its creation, Grey Goose have released a number of flavoured varieties of their vodka: Lemon, Orange, Vanilla (now, sadly, discontinued), Pear and Black Cherry.

Room Temperature
Nose: A very light nose, grainy with a hint of vanilla
Taste: Thick yet smooth texture with a little lift towards the end. A clean taste with a touch of creamy sweetness and a hint of bitter dark chocolate.

Smooth yet powerful, silky with a pleasant mouthfeel. Hint of vanilla, anis and caraway, touch of pepperiness at the end.

Smooth with an excellent texture; very clean and crisp. Almost chilling in it’s coldness. I would suggest a lemon twist as garnish or nothing at all.

On the rocks
A popular way for some to savour the spirit. I like it as a way to enjoy Grey Goose as, with a little ice melt, some of the more complex notes of the vodka come out such as the creamy, vanilla grain and the slightly bitter herbal notes.

Years ago, back in the days when Lillet was very tricky to obtain in the UK, Grey Goose was the vodka that I chose to use in my first Vesper containing Lillet rather than Noilly Prat Dry. As such, this drink has always had a special significance for me.

Very very clean, which is something the Grey Goose really adds to this drink, you can still taste the juniper of the gin and the slight dry bitterness of the Lillet. In this drink the vodka is there to act as a catalyst for the other ingredients and Grey Goose really hits the spot.

Vodka Tonic
An exceptionally smooth vodka and tonic, the vodka actually seems to curb and cloying bitterness from the tonic, I used Schweppes UK. This is very easy to drink as well as being clean, crisp and oh so refreshing.

Harvey Wallbanger
With the strong orange juice and vanilla herbal Galliano this is not the best way to enjoy the subtleties of the spirit but it does demonstrate that when mixing this vodka in longer cocktails it’s smooth texture really does at a clean silkiness to the drink.


Taste By Appointment

If you’re interested in finding out more about grey Goose Vodka then you might be keen to book into one of their Taste by Appointment Sessions which taking place across the UK.

These will be led by UK Brand Ambassador Joe McCanta and the aim of these sessions will be to give cocktail drinkers the vocabulary and understanding they need
to be able to discover a cocktail that is just right for them. In addition to the session a website will be launched dedicated to help user find a cocktail which is just right for them.

Here are some more detail straight from the Goose’s mouth:

“At each event, guests will be welcomed with a GREY GOOSE Le Fizz reception and
a selection of delicious canapés, before being guided through a series of exciting
and surprising taste experiments.  With Joe’s expert assistance, each guest will
learn how to identify their own personal taste and create bespoke cocktails to
match, before enjoying a personal taste consultation, during which they will have a
cocktail constructed that is perfectly suited to them at that moment. Every guest
will leave with a fuller understanding of how to order a cocktail that they can feel
confident they will enjoy.”

The Dates

The Gilbert Scott – Marcus Wareing – 6 & 9 May
Redhook – 12 May
Bread Street Kitchen – Stuart Gillies – 22 & 23 May
The Artesian Bar, Langham Hotel – Alex Kratena – 29 & 31 May
Great John Street Hotel – 7th June (Manchester)
TigerLily – Tony Sarton – 8th June
The Savoy – Christopher Moore –  16 & 17 June
The Century Club – 26th June
Hakkasan (Hanbury Plc) – 1 July
Rhodes Twenty Four– Andrew Barkham – 2 & 3 July

Ticket are available from ‘Grey Goose Taste’ website ( priced at £75 per person with 25% of that going to The Elton John AIDS Foundation

Grey Goose Original Vodka is priced at around £25 for 70cl from Tesco or £33 from The Whisky Exchange.

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