Seagram’s Dark Honey Crown 7 Whisky Liqueur – WOW25

DBS recently picked me up a very generous 1 litre bottle of this liqueur from The Whisky Exchange in London. The bottle is no-nonsense and, I think, quite masculine. It doesn’t mess around with many words; the lone description being: “Exceptionally smooth blended whiskey with real honey and natural flavors”. That whiskey is based on Seagram’s Seven Crown, which at one time was one of the most popular whisky’s in North America.

I found the nose to be fresh, light, and slightly fruity. There weren’t any overpowering hints of the honey here, only a very subtle sweetness, typical of bourbons, and a touch of alcohol. This was lifted by a fruity end, somewhat reminiscent of sour fruit, like lemons or apples (but again, nothing distinctive). Any honey in the nose became more evident over time and as the liqueur warmed.

To taste, it had a particularly sweet start – an intense, light brown sugary sweetness – and syrupy texture that was followed by a sharp burst of bright citrus. This then gradually faded into a more dry and slightly bitter finish, accompanied by a substantial kick of alcohol.

In Conclusion
Seagram’s 7 Dark Honey was always going to have a tough time following the Macallan Amber Liqueur, but it didn’t do too badly. The flavours of the underlying whisky didn’t come through as much as I would have liked and it was a touch on the sweet side, but still, £35 for a litre of whiskey liqueur bottled at 35.5%ABV is a pretty good deal and it certainly packed a punch.

– Mrs. B.

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